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Payment process for new sellers

As part of the payment process for new eBay sellers, PayPal may hold your PayPal payments from buyers for up to 21 days. To help get your money faster, please ship the item quickly and provide tracking information or delivery confirmation.

eBay and PayPal define new seller accounts as one with less than 90 days since the first successful sale of an item.

This is an important security process for eBay. It helps keep our site a safe place for buyers and a thriving marketplace for sellers. We appreciate your understanding. Learn more about this process in the FAQs below. Or, read the full details of the PayPal holds policy for new eBay sellers.


What is a hold?
A hold is an amount of money that belongs to you, but is temporarily set aside by PayPal.

When you get paid by a buyer, the money is credited to your PayPal account but not all of it will be immediately available. Part of the payment will show as pending in your PayPal account. This means you won't be able to spend or transfer the money while the hold is in place.

How long is the hold?
Usually up to 21 days, but you may be able to access your money sooner if item delivery is confirmed or if you receive a positive Feedback from the buyer. As long as there is no buyer dispute, claim, chargeback, or other negative action on your account, the hold will be released after 21 days.

To learn how to ensure a smooth, successful selling experience, see our selling tips and selling practices policy page. See also When will I stop getting my payments held?

Is there anything I can do to get my money faster?
Yes! Your money may be released if:
  • 24 hours after the buyer leaves positive Feedback or;
  • 3 days after PayPal confirms that the item was delivered
When you're ready to ship the item, print a shipping label on eBay or PayPal. If you print a label on eBay, your tracking information is automatically uploaded to My eBay.

Or you can manually enter the tracking and delivery information if you don't print a label on eBay or PayPal.

How can I pay for shipping? I was planning to pay for shipping with the money.
If you purchase shipping labels through eBay or PayPal, the cost of the purchase will be released from your pending balance shortly after purchase. Printing labels on eBay and PayPal is free. You're charged only for the cost of postage.

Where is my money when it's being held?
The money is in your PayPal account. You'll see it in your PayPal account balance as "pending."

I've been an eBay user for a long time. Am I considered a new seller?
A new seller is anyone with a seller account with less than 90 days since the first successful sale of an item.

It's possible that you may have registered as a user a long time ago, and perhaps even bought items on eBay, without ever becoming a seller. Generally, you create a seller account on eBay when you list your first item. And you become a new seller when you successfully sell an item.

Not a new seller? Confirm your established selling account and remove new seller holds.

Does the hold apply to all of my PayPal payments on eBay?
Yes, while you're still a new seller with us, PayPal may hold your payments.

When will I stop getting my payments held?
After 90 days from your first successful sale, you will no longer be considered a new seller on eBay, and your PayPal payments will no longer be subject to new seller holds. (PayPal may continue to evaluate your account to determine if future payments will be held or not. Visit PayPal for complete details of PayPal holds policies.)

Why do you hold payments only for new sellers?
New seller holds is one of many security steps to ensure that eBay remains a safe place to buy. We believe this helps our sellers, too—because when there are no buyers, there are no customers to buy from our great community of sellers.

Many disputes between buyers and sellers occur when new sellers are still learning the ropes. This can lead to a loss to a buyer, seller or PayPal. That's one of the reasons we have PayPal holds for new sellers until a history of selling has been established. Payment holds are used to ensure that if there are disputes or problems, the money can be used to refund the buyer or resolve buyer-seller issues.

Most disputes are easily prevented by following a few selling best practices. And we suggest that you'll use the option of providing tracking information or delivery confirmation when shipping your item, so PayPal may release your money before 21 days.

What if I'm not a new seller, but I created a new selling account?
If you have an established selling account on eBay, confirm your ownership of that account and we won't hold payments for your new account. (PayPal may continue to evaluate your account to determine if future payments will be held or not. Visit PayPal for complete details of PayPal holds policies.)

An established selling account is one with more than 90 days since the first successful sale. Not a new seller? Remove new seller holds

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