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Why Expand Your Business to eBay?

Whether liquidating excess inventory and returns or using eBay to expand a core business to a global market, businesses of all kinds have developed an effective and profitable sales channel on eBay.

Here's why:

Built in Access to eBay's Global Marketplace
Access to over 200 million eBay shoppers and a $40 billion market
100,000 new users on eBay daily
Exposure to potential customers worldwide
Acquire new customers and build your customer base
Easy to Get Started
Get your business up and running on eBay in minutes - simply register as a seller by confirming a valid email address and opening an account with your credit card and bank account information
Free access to expert consultants to help you along the way
Powerful listing tools and 3rd party solutions to make selling in volume more efficient
Low Start-Up Costs for Opening an eBay Store
Display all your auction and fixed price listings from your own, customizable web store with built in access to traffic
Low monthly fees starting at $15.95 a month
Marketing and merchandising tools to help drive traffic to your eBay Store
Advanced business tools to help you track and analyze your eBay Store's performance
In addition to auction and fixed price listings for 1, 3, 7 or 10 day durations, eBay Store sellers can list in fixed price for 30 days or leave their items up until sold or cancelled - at a reduced fee

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