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Vehicle history reports

Many vehicle listings on eBay Motors include a vehicle history report from AutoCheck in the Vehicle History Report tab. This gives buyers instant access to important details about used cars. They can see if the vehicle has ever been:

  • Stolen, salvaged, or rebuilt

  • Turned in under a lemon law

  • In a flood or hail storm

  • In an accident or fire (if reported)

  • A victim of potential odometer rollback

  • Used as a rental or fleet vehicle

  • Used as a police vehicle or taxi

  • Abandoned or forfeited

  • Reported as having a lien

The report shows the vehicle's title details, including all ownership transfers and DMV transactions. It also includes an AutoCheck® Score, which shows how a vehicle measures up against others of the same make and model.

Reports don't include personal information about the vehicle's previous owners, such as names and addresses, because releasing such information for non-permitted uses is a violation of federal law.

When selling a vehicle, you don't need to do anything to have a vehicle history report appear on your listing. If your listing's eligible, it will automatically show up on your listing.

Report benefits

When shopping for a vehicle, buyers want to know a vehicle's condition and past usage. Knowing there aren't any hidden problems or undisclosed issues gives them more confidence in making a purchase.

Report cost

If you create fewer than 7 vehicle listings per year, the AutoCheck vehicle history report will be included in your listing for free. For high-volume sellers who create 7 or more vehicle listings per year, AutoCheck offers several subscription levels. The table below includes more details.

How many reports the subscription includes Monthly price Cost per vehicle report after your subscription limit is reached

Up to 25



Up to 50



Up to 100



Up to 120




Please contact AutoCheck by Experian Automotive to discuss creating a customized subscription package catered to your needs.


Note: If you already subscribe to AutoCheck, you don't need a separate subscription. Instead, contact AutoCheck and provide them with your eBay user ID and AutoCheck ID.

Learn more about subscribing to AutoCheck.

If you sell 7 or more vehicles per year and choose not to subscribe to AutoCheck, a vehicle history report won't appear in the Vehicle History Report tab in your listings. However, sellers can choose to link to a different vehicle history report in their item description.

Note: Once a seller creates 7 vehicle listings in the same calendar year, that seller is permanently considered a high-volume seller and will need to subscribe to AutoCheck to receive any more vehicle history reports. This is true even if the seller creates fewer than 7 vehicle listings in future years. Sellers who create up to 6 vehicle listings per calendar year will continue to receive up to 6 free vehicle history reports each calendar year. (Re-listing the same vehicle counts as a new listing.)

Ineligible listings

The following types of vehicles aren't eligible for free history reports:

  • Vehicles manufactured before 1981

  • Vehicles without a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN)

  • Vehicles that aren't intended for the US market, (such as limited production exotic vehicles)

Where the information comes from

AutoCheck uses a vehicle's unique 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to determine its history.

AutoCheck gathers report information from hundreds of data sources, including:

  • State Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

  • Auto auctions

  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Departments

  • Consumer protection agencies

  • Auto dealers

  • Other state agencies.

All data acquired from these sources meet the federally mandated Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) and/or other industry guidelines.

About the AutoCheck Score

The AutoCheck Score is a rating that evaluates all of a vehicle's history data using one score, which is based on a 100-point scale for each vehicle.

The AutoCheck Score is determined by:

  • The age of the vehicle at the time of the report

  • The number of miles on the vehicle given at the time the report was run

  • The vehicle class as reported by Automotive News. This list of vehicle makes and models is published annually and is recognized as an industry standard. Examples of vehicle classes include "Sport utility - entry level" and "Mid-range cars – standard."

  • The number of owners the vehicle has had

  • The vehicle's use and history (things like taxi use, accidents, and theft history impact the score)

Quick answers about vehicle history reports

I don't want a vehicle history report to show up on my listing? Can I opt out?

No, all eligible listings will automatically display history reports.

Are all accidents and events included in the report?

AutoCheck only reports information that is available to the company. There is no guarantee that a vehicle's complete history is included in the report.

What does "no history found" mean?

"No history found" indicates that AutoCheck found no information in that category at the time of the report. This could mean that AutoCheck hasn't yet received that data or it could mean that no issues have been reported.

What is AutoCheck?

AutoCheck is powered by Experian, a company that provides information, analytical and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help them make informed decisions. Learn more about AutoCheck.

What if I entered the wrong VIN?

If the VIN for your vehicle is incorrect, you can edit the listing and enter the correct VIN.

Where can I see a sample report?

You can see a sample report on AutoCheck's website.

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