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Running detailed seller ratings reports
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In this article

Running detailed seller ratings reports can help you understand what factors affect your ratings and how to improve them.

How to run reports

Detailed seller ratings reports give you more information about your customer service. Run reports regularly (such as bi-weekly or monthly) to see how your ratings are affected by your buyer's location, the categories you sell in, your shipping services, and other factors.

To generate reports of your detailed seller ratings, click the See your reports link in the detailed seller ratings chart in your Seller Dashboard.

From the Your detailed seller reports page you can create and view reports:

  1. Click the Create report button to run a report.

  2. After you create a report, it appears in Your saved reports. From Your saved reports you can view, run, or delete reports. Reports are saved for 15 months.

Types of reports

Type of report



Buyer location

See if you get higher or lower detailed seller ratings in:

- A specific country

- Your own country versus other countries

- A specific country versus all your ratings for the report time period

Run a monthly buyer location report to see how your buyers in Canada are rating your performance.


Find out whether you get higher or lower detailed seller ratings in one or more categories. You can compare the ratings you get for transactions in certain categories to all your ratings for the report time period.

Run a report of all your women's clothing transactions to see if buyers in those categories are giving you higher or lower ratings.

Date range

Find out your overall ratings during a specific time period.

Run a report of all your March transactions to measure your ratings for that month. Then run a report of all your April transactions to see if your ratings are improving.

Item numbers

Check your ratings for a specific list of transactions that use the same template.

To see if a new listing template or layout is helping you get higher ratings, run a report of all the item numbers from listings that used that new template or layout.


See how your shipping method or service affects your detailed seller ratings.

To see if offering multiple shipping options is helping you get higher ratings, run a monthly report that compares the ratings you got from transactions with multiple shipping options versus all your ratings for that report time period. You can also see how a specific domestic or international shipping service compares to all your ratings for that report time period.

Top Rated Seller program

Check your ratings for a specific region's Top Rated Seller program (US, UK and Ireland, or Germany).

To see just the ratings that qualify you as a Top Rated Seller in the United States, run a US Top Rated Seller program ratings report.

Selecting date ranges for reports

For some reports, you'll need to select a date range. Choose the start and end date for your report by entering a date or selecting a date from the calendar. You can run reports as far back as 60 days.

You can use the drop-down menu to set your date range based on:

  • Transaction dates (when the transaction ended)

  • Listing dates (when you listed the item)

This can be useful, for example, if you made changes to your listing on a specific date. Select listing dates to get a report that might show you if those changes affected your ratings.

In some reports, you'll see a comparison to your average ratings. This average is based on the ratings you received during the date range of the report. For example, if you run a report for March 1 through 15, your average ratings are based on those you received during that time.

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