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Running your transaction defect report
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In this article

Your transaction defect report gives you in-depth information on defects and how they affect your seller status. By reviewing the report, you get insight into the things that impact performance, and information on how you can make improvements.

How to run the report

To view your transaction defect report:
  1. Go to your Seller Dashboard and expand the defect section.

  2. To view a report on a specific defect, click Download a report underneath the defect type.

  3. Click Download to download the report.

  4. The report shows all of your defects globally.

Benefits of the report

The defect report can give you insight into what areas may be holding you back. For example, if you receive low ratings for item as described, you can look at the listings for those items and see if there are any opportunities for improvement. You may find out that you could add more pictures or be more detailed in your item descriptions.

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