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Is my item allowed on eBay?

There are certain items that you can't sell on eBay and certain items that are restricted. For example, you can't sell alcohol or tobacco at all, and mature audiences items must be listed in our Adult Only section.

To find out if your item is allowed on eBay, or is restricted, review our list of prohibited and restricted items. You can also look for your item in our A-Z index of policies.

eBay may remove a listing if it violates one of our policies. eBay notifies both the seller and bidders through email when a listing has been removed.

Note: Even if you offer to give an item away for free, if it's an item that may violate our policies, it's still not allowed. Also, you and the buyer will still be liable for any legal problems that happen because of the transaction.

Remember, if an item is illegal, sellers and buyers may be subject to liability for the transaction.

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