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Using Top Rated Seller performance reports
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In this article

Your Top Rated Seller performance reports allow you to learn more about how your listings meet the Top Rated Seller requirements for shipment tracking, return policy and handling time.

Tracking report

One of the requirements to become a Top Rated Seller is to upload a valid tracking number within your promised handling time for at least 90% of your transactions with US buyers in the last three month evaluation period. In order to be valid, a tracking number must have at least one carrier scan recorded within your stated handling time. You can see how you're performing against this requirement in your Seller Dashboard. However, if you want more information about which of your transactions didn't meet the tracking requirement, you can create a tracking report for the timeframe you specify.

The report includes:

  • Buyer ID

  • Item number and title

  • Transaction date and time (when the listing ended)

  • Payment cleared date and time

  • Tracking upload date and time

  • Stated handling time on listing

The report shows you if valid tracking information was not uploaded for a specific transaction in the Tracking Upload date and time column. If tracking information was uploaded and still appears on the report, the transaction didn't meet the stated handling time based on the payment cleared date and the tracking upload date and time.


  • Handling time is measured by business days. Weekends and holidays aren't counted.

  • The clock only starts once the payment has cleared.

  • You have until 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time on the last business day of your stated handling time to upload tracking. Note: If you offer same business day handling, you have 1 business day to upload tracking.

  • Because only transactions with US buyers are required to have tracking uploaded to meet Top Rated Seller requirements, the report only shows these transactions.

  • Some transactions are not considered as part of the tracking requirement and won't be reflected on your report.

Return policy and handling time report

Once you've met the Top Rated Seller performance and tracking requirements, you may want to make changes to your listings so that they're eligible for Top Rated Plus benefits.

Specifically, listings from Top Rated Sellers that offer either same business day or 1 business day handling and 14-day or longer return policies with a money back option receive a 20% discount on final value fees and prominent Top Rated Plus seal for these listings. Top Rated Sellers also get increased search standing when they follow best practices and consistently deliver great service. Learn more about listing best practices and maintaining buyer satisfaction.

To see which of your listings didn't receive the full benefits of the Top Rated seller program, create a return policy and handling time report. This report shows you exactly which transactions did not offer same business day or a 1 business day handling, 14-day or better return policy with a money back option, or both. The report includes:

  • Buyer ID

  • Item number and title

  • Transaction date and time

  • Stated handling time on listing

    • Fulfills handling requirement on listing (same business day or 1 business day)

  • Stated return window

    • Fulfills return window requirement (14 days or better)

  • Stated refund policy

    • Fulfills refund policy requirement (money back)


Some transactions may not be required to accept returns or offer either same business day or 1 business day handling to receive the full benefits of the Top Rated Seller program. Other listings are not eligible for Top Rated benefits. These transactions aren't included on the return policy and handling time report.

How to run a report

Click the links in your Seller Dashboard located below your Tracking Summary and below the Completed Transactions Eligible for a Top Rated Seller discount to view your Top Rated Seller performance reports.

To create a tracking report or return policy and handling time report:
  1. Select a timeframe from the Select cycle evaluation period drop-down menu.

  2. Click Create report.

You can also create a report for transactions completed since the last evaluation cycle by clicking Generate a report in the Current Transactions section of the seller performance reports page.


  • The tracking report covers the same period as the tracking upload evaluation. The evaluation counts transactions that occurred over the previous 3 months.

  • The return policy and handling time report covers a 1-month period.

It may take up to 24 hours to generate a report. The report will display as "in progress" until it is available. Once available, the report appears with a summary of total number of transactions for the selected period and the number of transactions that both met and missed the requirement.

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