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Accepting a deposit for your vehicle
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In this article

Sellers can require a deposit from buyers who purchase a vehicle on eBay Motors. This gives buyers a quick and easy way to confirm interest in your vehicle.

If you're a licensed vehicle dealer, you'll need to follow any applicable laws in your state when accepting a deposit.

Using PayPal to accept a deposit

We recommend using PayPal to accept a deposit from buyers. When you list your vehicle, you can choose to have the buyer use PayPal to make a deposit of up to $2,000 until full payment and transfer arrangements are finalized.

Once a deposit has been made, the buyer can then choose a payment method other than PayPal to complete the remaining vehicle payments.

To accept a deposit through PayPal when you list your vehicle:
  1. Go to the Payment & Shipping section of the selling form.

  2. Select the Accept a deposit through PayPal check box.

  3. Enter a deposit amount up to $2,000.

  4. Select how long the buyer has to pay the deposit from the Required within drop-down menu.

  5. If it's a listing with Buy It Now, you can select the check box to require immediate payment of the deposit.

Additional information

Shipping, tax, and insurance amounts aren't required when listing a vehicle.

If you're using the Buy It Now option to sell your vehicle, you can require an immediate payment of the deposit.

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