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Listing designer

Improve the visual appeal of your listing by adding an attractive theme. You can create a professional look and feel to your listing without using HTML.

Using Listing Designer

Follow these steps to start using Listing Designer:
  1. On the Sell Your Item form, scroll to the Add a description section.

  2. Click the Add or remove options link.

  3. Select Listing Designer from the pop-up window and click the Save button.

  4. In the Describe the item you're selling section, select the Listing Designer checkbox.

  5. Select the design you want. Click the Preview link to see how your listing will appear. Try different themes until you find the one that works for you.

If you have HTML tags in your description, they will continue to work with Listing Designer.

Fees for Listing Designer

If you submit your listing using Listing Designer, you will be charged a fee. The fees are shown during the listing process. Please see the Listing Upgrade fees section of the Fees page for more information on the cost of this listing upgrade.

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