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Getting exposure on international sites

International site visibility feature

The international site visibility feature allows qualifying listings created on to be posted on international sites (such as the UK site). Buyers on these sites will see the listings exactly as you originally post them on the US site.

When you create a qualified listing, the international site visibility feature is offered on the Review your listing page of the Sell Your Item form. If you select this feature by checking the International site visibility box, your listing will appear in the search results on selected international sites, along with domestic listings, increasing your exposure to international buyers.

International site visibility requirements

The international site visibility feature only appears in the Sell Your Item form if you meet the following qualifications:

  • Your listing must meet all applicable country policies.

  • You must have a verified PayPal account associated with your seller account.

  • Your listing must offer PayPal as a payment option.

  • You must have a Feedback score of 10 or more.

  • If you're listing on or, your item's location country can't be the UK or Ireland.

  • Your item must be posted in an eligible category. Ineligible categories include Video Games, DVDs & Movies, hunting knives, auto parts, and vehicles.

  • You must offer shipping to the UK, Europe, or worldwide. Specifying shipping service to these areas is highly recommended, since listings without specified shipping may be moved to the bottom of Best Match search results.

Availability and fees

Currently, international site visibility is only supported by the US, UK, and Canada sites.

For information on fees, visit our fees page.

We're working on expanding the number of countries we can support through international site visibility. There will be a separate small fee for each country option, so you have exact control over where you want your listings to show up.

Fees aren't refundable unless your listing doesn't meet the other country's requirements.

Reaching Canadian buyers

Listings created on that offer shipping to Canada, North America, or worldwide automatically show up in the default search results on at no extra charge. You don't need to use the international search visibility feature if you offer shipping to these locations.

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