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Completing the sale

eBay- Completing the sale

In this article
In this article

You sold your item! Keep up the good work by communicating with your customer and shipping the item promptly.

1. Send an invoice to your buyer
Once you've sold your item, we send your buyer an order confirmation email. You can also send your winning bidder or buyer an invoice for the purchase:
  • If you're using Checkout, we email the order information to your buyer automatically.

  • You can also send an invoice from the listing in the Sold section of My eBay or Orders in Seller Hub.

If you want to send your own invoice, confirm the following information with the buyer. These items should match what you specified in the listing:
  • The shipping cost

  • How you'll ship the item

  • When to expect the item, along with shipment tracking information if you have it

  • Which payment methods you accept

  • The total price

  • Tax (if applicable) 

If you don't get a response from the buyer, you can request some of your buyer's contact information from us. Learn more about contacting eBay members.
2. Receive payment
Always verify that you've received payment from the buyer before you ship an item.
3. Ship the item
To create a good buyer experience:
  • Ship your item in the condition you described in the listing

  • Ship within the time you specified in your listing, using the shipping option from the listing selected by your buyer.

  • Pack the item with enough cushioning to make sure that it arrives safely. Learn more about how to improve performance by packaging items carefully.

  • Use a shipment method that provides tracking information. If you created a shipping label on eBay, tracking information is available to you and the buyer in My eBay or Seller Hub. If you didn't use an eBay shipping label, add tracking information to My eBay or Seller Hub to ensure the buyer can track their time. This can also help protect you if a buyer doesn't receive an item

4. Leave Feedback
Leaving Feedback after your transaction is complete lets others know what it was like to do business with your buyer.
5. Pay your eBay fees
To make a payment or change your payment method, go to Site Preferences in My eBay or Seller Hub.
6. If your item doesn't sell or you don't get paid
If your item doesn't sell, you can relist it and you may get an insertion fee credit.
If something goes wrong, you can:
  • Try communicating with the buyer to work out a solution.

  • If the buyer doesn't pay for the item, you can open an unpaid item case in our Resolution Center. This can help you get paid, and alerts us to any problems with the buyer. If the buyer still doesn't pay, you may get a final value fee credit.

  • If you can't work things out with the high bidder in an auction-style listing, you can make a Second Chance Offer to another bidder.

7. If you need to cancel the transaction
If you've sold an item but can't complete the transaction, you can cancel the transaction from the sold items from My eBay or Seller Hub.

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