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How to write a guide

eBay- How to write a guide

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In this article

When you write and publish a guide on eBay, you get to and share your knowledge or and opinions about almost any topic.

Getting started
Visit Reviews & Guides. Under the "Guides" column, click the "Write a guide" link. You may be asked to signed in to eBay to write a guide.
Entering a title and text
Choose a title for your guide. Provide as much information as you can about the content of your guide. Users will see this title in search results. When entering the text for your guide, we recommend you first compose and edit your text in a text program like Notepad. Once you've pasted it in, you can you can change the appearance of the text, add bullet points, and more.
Note: Guides have a 20,000 character limit, which includes text, links, pictures, and HTML formatting tags.
Entering tags
Tags are words related to your guide that users might enter when they want to find a guide like yours. Choose words relevant to your guide, such as a brand name, category name, material, or time period. For example, a guide about vintage toy fire engines might include these tags: toys, vintage toys, fire engines, miniatures, and metal. You can include up to five tags.
Adding links and pictures
If you'd like, you can add links and pictures. To add pictures, click the "Pictures" link, locate the picture you want, and click the Insert Picture button. To add links:
  1. Click "Link" in the formatting toolbar.

  2. If you want to add an eBay search, in the eBay search box enter the words used to run your search. For example, if you're writing about vintage toys, you can add a link to an eBay search like, "toy fire engine vintage."

  3. If you want to add a link to an eBay page, enter the page's URL in the eBay Web page field. Use this to link to complex eBay searches, eBay Stores, your profile page, and other pages.

  4. In the Name of link field, enter the text that will represent the link in your guide. In this example, "Vintage Toy Fire Engines."

  5. Click the Add Link button to add the link to your guide. You can add as many links as you want.

Saving your work
Click the Save & Continue button. If you're finished creating your guide and want to publish it, click the Submit Guide button. Your guide will be saved in My eBay and will appear in search results within 24-48 hours. If you don't want to publish your guide immediately, you can save it to work on later.
To resume working on your guide, go to My eBay and click the "My Reviews & Guides" link in the "Shortcuts" box on the left side of the page. If you don't see the link, click the Edit Shortcuts button and select the check box next to "My Reviews & Guides," then click Save.

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