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Tax policy

Policy overview

Sellers are responsible for any taxes associated with their eBay sales, based on all applicable laws. eBay is not able to provide tax advice, so we encourage all sellers to contact a tax professional with questions.

eBay provides a basic tax calculator to help sellers add sales tax to their eBay sales, however sellers will need to enter the appropriate tax rate for each state where the seller is authorized to collect tax. We can't guarantee that our basic tax calculator will meet all of your tax requirements.

Important: If you are a US based seller with inventory outside the US you may have additional tax obligations. For more information about these possible obligations, click here.

What are the guidelines?


  • You may charge tax in states where you are authorized to collect tax.

Not Allowed

  • You may not collect sales tax in states where you are not authorized.

  • You may not collect sales tax beyond what is legally authorized.

  • You may not include sales tax information in your item description.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don't, you may be subject to a range of actions. We may limit, restrict, or suspend you from buying, selling, or using site features. Your listings may be removed, displayed lower or not shown in search results, without refunding any or all applicable fees. You may also forfeit special account status and any discounts.

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