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Offensive material policy
In this article
In this article

Policy overview

We don't allow items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views. We'll also remove listings that graphically portray graphic violence or victims of violence, unless they have substantial social, artistic, or political value.

We carefully consider all the details before deciding to remove such listings when they're brought to our attention, looking at the entire listing to see if it goes against our guidelines.

Items that contain nudity or adult material are governed under the Adult Only policy. Please review that policy for information on adult items and how they can be listed.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including restrictions of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines



  • Items related to natural disasters or human tragedies that have substantial social, artistic, or political value:

    • Newspaper clippings

    • Documentaries

    • Books on the tragedy or disaster

    • Photos of the devastation of a tragedy or disaster

    • Commemorative photos, paintings, or works of art

  • Charity websites or charity listings set up to benefit the victims of a disaster or tragic event

Not allowed

Not allowed

Listings that graphically portray, glorify, or attempt to profit from human tragedy or suffering, including:

  • Items taken from the World Trade Center in NYC after 09/11/01 (Ground Zero)

  • Items taken from crime scenes that could be evidence in an investigation

  • Items that are insensitive to victims of natural disasters

We don't allow the sale of items related to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and other hate organizations, regardless of age or historical significance, because of their highly intolerant views and often violent history.



  • KKK memorabilia pricing guides

  • News and magazine articles about the KKK

  • Documentaries about the KKK

  • Books on the history of the KKK

  • The film "Birth of a Nation" and the book it is based on, "The Clansman"



  • KKK rally and marching photos are OK as long as they don't focus on the symbols (such as showing a close up of an emblem on someone's chest)

  • Cross burning photos are OK as long as they don't also show a hanging or any other murderous acts

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Actual KKK memorabilia:

    • Tokens

    • Rings

    • Uniforms (including components or parts of uniforms)

    • Music- Knives

  • Photos that depict violence (murder, beatings)

  • KKK newsletters, pamphlets, recruiting materials, or flyers

  • Items promoting or commemorating other groups with views of hatred, violence, racial, religious, or sexual intolerance (such as the Aryan Brotherhood and Neo-Nazi groups)

Out of respect for the families and friends of victims, we don't allow listing items closely associated with notorious murderers within the past 100 years. We also don't allow the listing of items that benefit people convicted of violent felonies, whether the item is listed by that person or by someone else. If you list these types of items, we'll remove the listings and suspend your account.



  • Serial killer items more than 100 years old, such as items related to Jack the Ripper

  • Items related to notorious outlaws of the Old West, such as Jesse James and Billy the Kid

  • Documentaries about serial killers

  • Books on serial killers

  • "If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer" by The Goldman Family

  • True crime books and magazines

  • Books written about violent crimes

  • Hollywood-style movies about killers or with violent subject matter



  • Serial killer trading cards—such as True Crime cards—are OK as long as they're being sold as a set and the listing doesn't mention a specific serial killer by name

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Personal belongings of anyone convicted of a violent felony or any work, such as a book, from which they might profit

  • Letters or artwork created by serial killers or violent felons

  • Novelty items related to serial killers

  • Items related to the Zodiac serial killer

  • Items glorifying serial killers or persons convicted of a violent felony

  • Items from notorious crime scenes

  • Items related to the Black Dahlia murder case

  • Original book "If I Did It" by O.J. Simpson

  • Items promoting violence against an individual, including convicted criminals

  • Explicit crime scene photographs

We recognize the historical significance of World War II and that there are many militaria collectors around the world. We allow some related historical items, but ban others, particularly those that amount to Nazi propaganda, or that are disrespectful to victims.



  • Stamps, letters, and envelopes displaying Nazi postmarks

  • Currency issued by the Nazi German government, including military scripts

  • Items that have a swastika that are not related to Nazi Germany (such as good luck charms, Native American blankets, Buddhist sculptures)

  • Replica or novelty stamps or currency of Nazi Germany (must comply with the currency and stamp policies) even if they contain images of swastikas or German leaders



These items can't be shipped to Germany, France, or other countries that prohibit Nazi-related materials:

  • Nazi-related materials:

    •  'Mein Kampf' and 'Hitler's Second Book: The Unpublished Sequel to Mein Kampf'

    • Books with swastikas on the cover (must have been published outside of Germany if published between 1933-1945)

    • Models of military vehicles, action figures and reproduction of WWII German uniforms and equipment that have Nazi symbols

    • WWII battlefield photos if they depict dead bodies

  • Holocaust or war victim photos are allowed as long as they don't depict executions, dead bodies, or other violent or degrading scenes.

Not allowed 

Not allowed

Items that are not permitted include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical Holocaust-related items or memorabilia such as:

    • Uniforms and personal belongings of concentration camp prisoners

    • Jewish identification (armbands, Star of David)

    • Holocaust photos that depict dead bodies, executions, or other violent or degrading scenes

    • Nazi-issued documents (passports, travel papers)

  • Historical Nazi-related items or memorabilia such as:

    • Uniforms, uniform components, weapons, or other items that bear the Nazi swastika or SS runes, whether visible or covered

    • Listings in which images are edited or cropped to try and hide Nazi markings or insignia

    • Denazified items (items that originally had a swastika or SS runes that have been removed)

    • 1936 Olympic medals

    • Items that were owned by or affiliated with Nazi leaders such as:

      • Joseph Goebbels

      • Hermann Goering

      • Rudolf Hess

      • Reinhard Heydrich

      • Heinrich Himmler

      • Adolf Hitler

  • Media identified as Nazi propaganda such as:

    • The Eternal Jew

    • Triumph of the Will

    • Propaganda postcards with images of Nazi leaders or pro-Nazi text

    • Books by Nazi authors such as Alfred Rosenberg, Hermann Goering or Joseph Goebbels

  • Music, books, or films that promote hatred and racial supremacy such as:

    • Screwdriver

    • Ian Stuart (Donaldson)

    • Holocaust-denial books



  • Items of historical importance associated with acts of violence against public figures

  • War documentaries or documentary photos portraying victims of war or violence

  • Hollywood-style horror movies, even if they have graphic, violent subject matter

  • Documentaries about animal fighting (for example, cock fights or dog fights)

  • Documentaries about morgues and funeral homes

  • Items that state a political viewpoint either supporting or opposing war

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Explicit crime scene or morgue photographs

  • Electric chairs and related capital punishment items

  • Any item related to or glorifying dog fighting

  • Any item related to or glorifying cock fighting

  • Any video showing hostages being executed

  • Any video of convicted felons being executed

  • Items encouraging violence toward a specific person

  • These films and genres:

    • Bum fights

    • Bum hunts

    • Necromantik

    • Criminals Gone Wild

    • Faces of Death

    • Executions

  • Any item that glorifies or promotes violence toward animals or humans

  • Snuff films

  • Items related to terrorist organizations

We don't allow the use of racially derogatory language or racially or ethnically offensive listings except in a few very specific cases described here, including items with historical significance.



  • Art and media listings (such as books and music) where the offensive word or phrase is part of the title of the work. These items must be listed in the correct category.

  • The term Negro is OK unless it's used in a derogatory or offensive way.

  • Black Americana relics (such as slave tags, shackles, and documentation) are OK. These items must be listed in the correct category and can't use racially offensive words even if they're part of the actual name of the item

  • Actual Black Americana items listed in the appropriate category

  • Reproductions of Black Americana items can't include racially offensive words in the title or description and can only be listed in the Collectibles > Culture & Ethnicities > Black Americana > Reproductions category. Some reproductions of slavery items are not allowed, such as tags, shackles, documents, bills of sale, etc.

  • Images of items that contain offensive terms can be listed if it is part of the actual name of the item but the term cannot be in the title or description of the listing.

  • Authentic or vintage items must clearly state authenticity within the listing

Not allowed

Not allowed

  • Racial slurs, including:

    • nigger, coon

    • jap, chink, gook

    • kike

  • Ghettopoly, the game and its variations

  • Black Americana slave brands

  • Torture devices

  • Anti-Semitic content within the item description

  • Items promoting racial or ethnic intolerance

  • "Horry Kow" Fukudome T-shirts

  • Abercrombie & Fitch "Asian" style T-shirts

  • Mexifornia Drivers Licences

  • Items marketed inappropriately with an intolerant regard toward religion, sexual orientation, race, or ethnic background

  • Reproductions of slavery items, such as tags, shackles, documents, bills of sale, etc.

Additional Information

Here are some related links that might interest you.

Information about terrorist organizations:

You can also review eBay Germany's Nazi policy page. Please note that this policy is published in German.

Why does eBay have this policy?

Our community is a diverse, international group of users with varied backgrounds and beliefs. That's why we generally allow listings of "practically anything on earth," even items which some people might find offensive.

However, it's easy to imagine how some listings might be offensive to some of our members. To ensure trust, respect, and safety in our community, we don't allow listings that promote hate, violence, racial or religious intolerance (or organizations dedicated to these notions). We won't allow eBay to be a platform for those who promote hatred toward others.

eBay is a worldwide community, and many of our users live in countries where the possession or sale of items associated with hate organizations is a criminal offense. We don't allow the sale or shipping of these types of items to these countries.

Contact Customer Service
You can contact Customer Service to report a listing you think violates this policy. Go to that listing, and then click the Report item link on the right side of the page.

We'll review your report and take appropriate action.
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