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Specifying your shipping costs and locations

When you list an item on eBay, you need to tell the buyer how much shipping will cost. You can do this 3 ways:

Offering free shipping

Offering free shipping is a great way to attract more buyers and get a higher placement in search results—plus, if you offer free shipping, and we can confirm a buyer chose this option, you'll automatically receive a 5-star shipping and handling charges detailed seller rating.

Here's how to offer free shipping when shipping within the US:
  1. When you're listing your item, create your shipping option and choose Flat: same cost to all buyers or Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location.

  2. Select a shipping service from the drop-down menu.

  3. Select the Free shipping checkbox.

If you select the Free shipping check box, the handling cost is set to "0" for your buyers when they select free shipping in the listing.

If you offer free shipping, the phrase "Free shipping" appears next to your listing in search results.

Using flat shipping costs

If you want to charge all buyers the same amount for shipping, choose Flat: same cost to all buyers. You can then enter flat costs for U.S. and international shipping. If you're selling more than one item, you can enter a shipping cost for each additional item a buyer purchases. The cost you enter appears in your listing.

Note: In the International Shipping section, selecting Flat: same cost to all buyers does not affect shipping costs if you sell an item through the Global Shipping Program. Learn more about using the Global Shipping Program.

If you want to research shipping costs before you list your item, try our Shipping Calculator. The shipping costs shown in the tool are based on information that you provide. It's important to:

  • Enter the exact weight of your package.

  • Select a package type that matches what you're using. If the package is irregular, be sure to select the Irregular or unusual package check box.

  • Enter the exact dimensions.

Note: If you are using the Global Shipping Program to ship internationally, you only need to ship your item to a US shipping center. Learn more about the Global Shipping Program.

In certain categories (such as Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, and Video Games), we set maximum shipping costs. When selling in these categories, you have 2 options:

  • Offer at least one shipping option where the total shipping cost (shipping + handling) is less than or equal to this maximum. You can also offer other options above these maximums for expedited or international shipping.

You're required to specify a handling time, which is how long it will take you to put the item in the mail once you receive payment. If you don't specify a handling time, we select a default handling time for you.

Using shipping rate tables

You can use shipping rate tables to set the amount you charge for shipping by shipping method and destination. You can also specify costs for international shipping destinations, either by region or by individual country.  

Shipping rate tables allow you to more accurately tailor your shipping charges to your buyer. When you set up your shipping rate tables you can:

  • Create up to 40 shipping rate tables

  • Name your shipping rate tables and easily find them when you are creating and editing your listings

  • Specify shipping costs by shipping classes. You can offer different prices for economy, standard, expedited, and one day shipping

  • Add regions, states, and sub-regions. You can indicate multiple shipping options for the same region or state. For example, if you offer economy and expedited shipping to New York, both prices will appear in your listing.

Note: The shipping service you specify on the listing will be the default shipping service shown to the buyers when they search for items. Buyers will be able to see all shipping services and costs when they click the ‘Shipping and payments’ tab in the listing details.

There are 3 ways you can specify shipping costs in your shipping rate tables:

  • By item: With this option, the shipping cost to a buyer depends on where you're shipping the item and the shipping methods you offer. For example, you can choose to charge $7.75 for standard shipping to selected Western US states, $8.75 for standard shipping to selected Northeastern US states, and $9.75 for economy shipping to Europe. If you choose this option, the shipping cost to the buyer won't vary based on the weight of the package.

  • By weight: If you choose this option, you can set fixed base costs for different destination regions and shipping methods, and then add an additional fixed amount per pound. For example, for an item shipped to Midwest regions of the US by expedited shipping, you can charge $7.50 plus $0.50 per pound. For an item shipped to selected Western US states with one day shipping, you can charge $11.50 plus $0.50 per pound.

  • By surcharge: This option lets you set a fixed base cost and then add a surcharge to it for any destination and shipping method. For example, you can charge $7.50 for standard shipping and then add a $1.00 surcharge for shipments to Alaska or Hawaii.

Using shipping rate tables to set your shipping costs:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences. You may need to sign in.

  2. Click the Show link to see the Shipping Preferences section.

  3. Click the Edit link next to Use shipping rate tables option.

  4. On the next page you can set your domestic shipping rates by item, weight, or surcharge by selecting that option from the drop-down menu.

  5. Once you're finished, click the Apply button.

Once you've set up your shipping tables, you can use them any time you list an item. To do so, select the Apply domestic rate table rates or Apply international rate table option when listing your item (or select both). These options are in the Add shipping details section of the listing form under the Shipping rate tables heading.

Note: If you don't see these options, click the Add or remove options  link at the top of the shipping details section and select Use shipping rate tables, then click the Save button.

Using calculated shipping costs

We can automatically calculate US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx shipping costs for your buyers. The shipping costs are based on the information that you provide about the size and weight of the packaged item as well as both your location and the buyer's location. If you want to use calculated shipping costs, select Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location when you list your item. Learn more about calculated shipping.

During the listing

Buyers can see the calculated shipping costs in your listing when they enter their ZIP code or country. Your handling cost is included in the shipping cost, but isn't displayed to buyers.

During the payment process

Buyers need to use eBay checkout to see the calculated shipping costs. If you need to send the buyer an updated invoice, you can send an invoice from My eBay before payment has been made. Once the buyer has paid, you can make sure the shipping amount the buyer has paid is correct by using the shipping calculator links in the listing or the Payment Status page.

Note: If you send an eBay invoice to a buyer or enter charges in a Selling Manager Sales Record, the shipping costs you enter take priority over the calculated shipping costs, and the buyer is charged the amounts you enter.

Important: Buyers using PayPal need to pay by clicking the Pay Now button. If they pay from the PayPal website, shipping costs can't be calculated.

Offering local pickup

You can offer local pickup as an option for your buyers, regardless of which shipping option you choose (calculated or flat-fee). To offer the local pickup option, select the ‘Offer local pick up’ check box after you have selected your shipping option when creating your listing. Buyers who select the option to pick up their item will not pay any shipping fees when they complete payment through eBay checkout. Once the buyer has completed their purchase, you can work out the pickup details using eBay Messages.

Specifying your ship to locations

You can exclude certain states, territories, regions, or countries from the places you're willing to ship to.

To exclude certain shipping locations:
  1. Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences or Seller Hub > Shortcuts > Site preferences. You may need to sign in.

  2. Click the Show link to see the Shipping Preferences section.

  3. Click the Edit link next to Exclude shipping locations from your listings.

  4. Select the states, territories, countries, or regions you don't want to ship to. You can exclude entire continents or select Show all countries, and then select the specific countries you want to exclude.

  5. Select the Override my shipping exclusions for Global Shipping Program eligible items checkbox if you'd like to allow your eligible items to be shipped to all Global Shipping Program countries.

  6. Click the Apply button to save your selections.

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