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How do I include calculated shipping costs in my listings?

If you include calculated shipping costs in your listing, shipping costs are automatically calculated for your buyer based on the buyer's ZIP code, the weight of the package, and the type of shipping services you offer.

Here's how to do it:
  1. In the Add shipping details section of the selling form, select Calculated: Cost varies by buyer location.

  2. Select a package type.

    Note: If you select Large Package, you'll need to enter the dimensions of the package. Your package may be considered irregular if it's a non-standard material or if it's an irregular shape, and may have additional charges. The U.S. Postal Service and UPS have different definitions of irregular.

  3. Enter the weight of the packaged item.

  4. Select a shipping service.

    Note: You can specify up to 3 shipping services.

  5. To add a handling cost, click the Change link at the bottom of the section.

    Note: We don't recommend adding a handling cost. If you do add a handling cost, make sure that it covers only the actual cost of packaging materials. Learn more about our selling practices policy.

Tip: If you want to research shipping costs before you list your item, try our Shipping Calculator. The shipping costs shown in the tool are based on information that you provide. It's important to:

- Enter the exact weight of your package.
- Select a package type that matches what you're using. If the package is irregular, be sure to select the Irregular or unusual package check box.
- Enter the exact dimensions.

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