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Receiving international payments

If you decide to list your items internationally, there are some things you can do to help make it easier for international buyers to pay you, which will attract more potential buyers.

Making it easy for buyers

Find out whether your preferred payment methods are accepted internationally. If they aren't, add new payment options that will work for the buyers you're trying to attract.
Accepting PayPal payments means you can receive credit card payments from buyers in many countries.

Recognizing a counterfeit cashier’s check scheme

Sellers of high-priced items sometimes receive requests from foreign bidders (often located in Africa) asking them to accept a foreign cashier's check as payment or deposit for the item.

  • The cashier's check amount often far exceeds the value of the seller's item.

  • The buyer asks the seller to send the overpayment amount via money wire transfer service.

The problem is that the cashier's check is most likely fraudulent and it can often take weeks or even months for the seller's bank to know if a check is real or is fraudulent. Some checks may appear to be from a US bank but upon closer inspection, could include foreign country or city names.

If the cashier's check is fraudulent, the seller is held responsible. Sellers should never accept overpayments from buyers for items where the buyer is asking to be reimbursed for overpayment.

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