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Dealer license requirements
Debit cards: Identification
Debit cards: Inactive cards (policy)
Debit cards: Updating information
Deleted items: Retrieving in My eBay
Delivery and pickup options
Deposit for vehicles
Describing items
Description: Editing or adding to
Description: Using another member's pictures or information (policy)
Detailed seller ratings (DSRs)
Detailed seller ratings reports
Developers Program
Diamonds (policy)
Dimensional weight
Direct Pay, paying sellers fees with
Discounts on shipping
Discrimination and other offensive material (policy)
Discussion boards and chat
Discussion boards (policy)
Discussion board thread
Dispute resolution
Disputes: Unpaid item process
Documents, transit-related and government (policy)
Domain names and trademarks
Donation activity, managing
Donations payments
Downloadable media (policy)
Downloading PayPal account history
Downloading sales records using Selling Manager
Draft of an unfinished listing, saving
Drop shipping (product sourcing)
Drugs and drug paraphernalia (policy)
Drugs: Describing (policy)
Drugs: Prescription (policy)
Duplicate auction-style listings
Duplicate listings (policy)
Duplicating copy-protected material (policy)
Duration of listings
DVD-Rs and other recordable media (policy)
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