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Revising a seller's Feedback

A seller may ask you to revise negative or neutral Feedback that you gave. When this happens, we'll send you an email notification.

Revising a seller's Feedback

If you agree to revise the seller's Feedback, here's how to make the change.

To revise a seller's Feedback:
  1. In the email you received, click the Accept request button to display the Revise seller's Feedback page.

  2. Select the radio button that indicates your revised Feedback rating.

    Note: You can't change a neutral rating to a negative rating.

  3. Enter your revised comment in the "Revise comment" text box.

  4. Select the number of stars that indicate your revised rating for each of the following:

    • How accurate was the item description?

    • How satisfied were you with the seller's communication?

    • How quickly did the seller ship the item?

    • How reasonable were the shipping and handling changes?

  5. Click the Revise Feedback button.

  6. Review the original and revised Feedback.

  7. To confirm your changes, click the Confirm button. To go back and make changes, click Edit.

Declining a seller's request

In some situations, you may want to decline the seller's request.

To decline the seller's request:
  1. In the email you received, click the Decline request button to display the Decline seller's Feedback request page.

  2. Click the Keep original Feedback button.

  3. Under "Tell the seller your reason for declining the request," select the button that best describes your reason. If your reason is not represented, you can select Other and provide a reason. If you'd rather not share your reason, select I don't want to share the reason with the seller.

  4. Click the Submit button.

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