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Resolving transaction problems in the Resolution Center
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In this article

If you ever have a problem with a sale, we can help with guidelines, programs, and services in our Resolution Center. While you use the Resolution Center to resolve unpaid item cases, the process is slightly different. If you're a seller, learn more about what to do when a buyer doesn't pay.

If you have a problem regarding Feedback or identity theft, visit Customer Support.

Working it out in the Resolution Center

To work things out with your trading partner, open a case in the Resolution Center. We'll help track and resolve your case.

As a buyer, the Resolution Center helps you when:

  • You pay for and receive an item, but it doesn't match how the seller described it in the listing. For example, the listing says it's new but it looks used, or the listing says it's a book, but it's a DVD.

  • You pay for an item but don't receive it. The eBay Money Back Guarantee may cover your purchase plus original shipping costs.

  • Occasionally, eBay Customer Support may handle the case and help resolve the problem.

As a seller, the Resolution Center helps you when:

Responding to a case

Submitting and responding to a case:
  1. Your trading partner lets us know about a problem by submitting a case in our Resolution Center.

  2. You receive an email from us describing the case.

  3. Read about the issue and click Respond Now.

  4. On the Resolution Center – Case details page, fill in your information and click Submit response.

  5. You receive a confirmation that we've sent your response to your trading partner.

  6. Keep communicating with your trading partner until you've resolved the case.

    • To help us track your communications, respond to the case only through the Resolution Center.

    • If you aren't able to work things out with your trading partner, we'll review the case and determine an outcome—such as a refund, transaction reversal, or requirement to complete payment. There may also be other resolutions.

You can track the case in the Resolution Center.

Responding to the correct version of the listing

There may be more than one version of a listing. To make sure that your case is for the correct version, click View purchased item description in the Item details box.

Timing is important

We have deadlines for opening a case, or taking certain actions in response to a case. You'll receive this information when you file a case in the Resolution Center. In order to meet all deadlines, work with your trading partner to resolve the problem quickly.

If you're a seller and you don't address your trading partner's concerns, or don't respond within the time specified, the buyer can send the case to us for review. 

If you're a seller:

  • You have 3 business days to respond when a buyer opens a case for an item they didn't receive, or that doesn't match your item description.

  • If you sell on eBay.co.uk or eBay.de, we have different timelines. Learn more about responding to cases on international eBay websites.

If you're a buyer:

  • For unpaid items: You have 4 days to pay once we notify you that the seller has opened a case. If you don't respond, we may record the unpaid item in your account, which can lead to account restrictions or suspension. If you've had a problem with your purchase, contact us so we can help.

  • If you haven't received an item: You can open a case after the estimated delivery date has passed. You must open a case within 30 days of the estimated delivery date.

  • If you received an item and it doesn't match the seller's description: You can open a case after receiving the item. You must open a case no later than 30 days after the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date.

  • If no estimated delivery date is available, we consider the latest estimated delivery date to be 7 days from the payment date for transactions between a buyer and seller in the same country. We consider the latest estimated delivery date to be 30 days from the payment date for buyers and sellers in different countries.

  • If 3 business days have passed since you opened a case, and the seller hasn't responded, you can escalate the case to Customer Support. We'll review the case and may give you a refund up to the purchase price plus original shipping.

  • If we don't hear from you within 30 days of opening a case, we assume the case is resolved and we close it with no additional action.

  • Once a case is closed, you can't reopen it.

Learn more about eBay Money Back Guarantee timelines.

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