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What to do if you suspect identity theft
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In this article

Some members have reported receiving fraudulent emails that attempted to impersonate eBay. These types of emails, called spoof emails, request that you send confidential information, such as passwords, social security numbers, or credit card numbers, in a reply email or enter this information through a spoof website.

If you provided confidential information through an email or a spoof website, you should take steps to secure your eBay account and your identity.

Secure your eBay account.
If you provided information about your eBay account, such as your sign-in information, change your eBay password and take other steps to secure your eBay account from unauthorized access. If you suspect that someone has been using your account without your permission, you can report the account theft.
Contact your credit card company.
If you entered a credit card number, you should contact your credit card company to cancel your account and alert them to the situation.
Contact your bank.
If you provided bank account information, you should contact your bank and ask for instructions about protecting your account.
Place a fraud alert on your credit reports.
Fraud alerts can help prevent an identity thief from opening more credit in your name. Report the fraud to one of the three credit bureaus listed below. You need only contact one credit bureau, since federal law requires that the one you contact must also alert the other credit bureaus.
When you contact the credit bureau:
  1. Ask the credit bureau to place a “fraud” alert on your file so that no new credit can be granted without your approval. Be sure to follow-up with a written report after a phone call.

  2. Request a free copy of your credit file and review it carefully. Look for inquiries from companies you haven't contacted, accounts you didn't open, and debts on your accounts that you can't explain. Verify that personal information, like your Social Security Number, addresses, name or initials, and employers are correct.

  3. Continue to check your credit reports periodically to make sure no new fraudulent activity has occurred.

Credit bureau contacts

Credit bureau


To order a credit report call

To report fraud call


P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374-0241




P.O. Box 2104 Allen, TX 75013

1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)



760 Sproul Road P.O. Box 390 Springfield, PA 19064-0390



Report the identity theft.
  • File a police report. File a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place. Make a copy of the report and note the date it was filed in case your credit card company or bank needs proof of the crime.

  • File an identity theft complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains a database of identity theft cases. Information submitted to the FTC is used by law enforcement agencies to assist with investigations. To file a complaint with the FTC, go to www.consumer.gov/idtheft or call their fraud hotline at 202-326-2502.

Learn more about identity theft.
For more information, visit eBay's Security and Resolution Center.

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