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Registration and account info

Your account is your identity on eBay. You use your account to buy, sell, communicate with eBay members, and leave Feedback for eBay buyers and sellers.

You may sign in using your username or the email address associated with your eBay account.

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How to register
Register with eBay in a matter of minutes. It's easy and free.

Using My eBay
Manage your buying and selling activity, email messages, and personal account information.

Making changes

Changing your account information
Easily change your username, mailing address, or other account information.

Changing your password
Change your password every 30-60 days, or if you think someone's used your account.

Changing your communication preferences
Choose how and when you're notified about your buying and selling activity, and which (if any) newsletters and promotions you want to receive.

Getting alerts about items
Find out how you can get alerts on your smartphone or through the instant messaging (IM) software on your computer.

Closing your account
We're sorry if you want to close your account. Please contact us if there's something we can do to help you resolve any problems.

Problems with your account

Suspended accounts
We'll suspend an account for serious violations of our rules and policies, or non-payment of fees.

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Get help from other eBay members. Visit the eBay Community to post a question.