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How Feedback works

Whenever you buy or sell something, you can leave Feedback about the transaction. Your buyer or seller can leave Feedback for you as well.

Note: Buyers can leave sellers negative, neutral, or positive Feedback. Sellers can leave buyers positive Feedback or choose not to leave Feedback.

Over time, eBay members develop a Feedback profile, or reputation, based on other people's comments and ratings. The Feedback score is one of the most important pieces of a Feedback profile. The Feedback score is the number in parentheses next to someone's user ID. The score also located at the top of someone's Feedback profile.

How are Feedback scores calculated?

For each transaction, buyers and sellers can choose to rate each other by leaving Feedback. Buyers can leave a positive, negative, or a neutral rating, plus a short comment. Sellers can leave a positive rating and a short comment.

We use these ratings to determine Feedback scores. In most cases, members receive:

  • +1 point for each positive rating

  • No points for each neutral rating

  • -1 point for each negative rating

What if I buy multiple items from the same seller or sell multiple items to the same buyer?

Leave Feedback for each sale. Keep in mind that we calculate the Feedback score differently depending on whether the sales occurred in the same week. For Feedback purposes, we define a week as Monday through Sunday, Pacific Time. 

If the sales occurred in different weeks

Each rating can affect the Feedback score by 1 point. A positive rating raises a buyer or seller's Feedback score by 1 point. A negative rating lowers a seller's Feedback score by 1 point.

If the sales occurred in the same week

Sellers: We raise or lower the seller's Feedback score by a total of 1 point, based on the total number of positives and negatives.

  • If the seller receives more negatives than positives from the same buyer in the same week, we lower the seller's Feedback score by 1 point.

  • If the seller receives more positives than negatives from the same buyer in the same week, we raise the seller's Feedback score by 1 point.

  • If a seller receives the same number of negatives and positives from the same buyer in the same week, we don't change the sellers' Feedback score.

Buyers: We raise the buyer's Feedback score by a total of 1 point, regardless of the number of positive ratings received within the week.

Why leave Feedback?

Leaving honest comments gives others a good idea of what to expect when dealing with someone. Leaving Feedback is also a way to express your appreciation. Finally, if you're a buyer, you can help spread the word about a seller you like, and if you're a seller, you can help recognize and reward loyal customers.

Should I leave neutral or negative Feedback for a seller?

Feedback comments become a permanent part of a seller's record. If you're a buyer, contact your seller to try to resolve any issues before leaving neutral or negative Feedback. Please make sure that your comments are fair, based in fact, and relate to the specific transaction for which you received the feedback request.

Can I leave more detailed Feedback for a seller?

As a buyer, for most transactions you can rate your seller in up to 4 more areas: item as described, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges. These ratings don't count toward the seller's Feedback score. Learn more about providing detailed seller ratings.

We count detailed seller ratings from the same buyer in the same way as Feedback. Only 1 per week is included in the seller's score.

Other terms

Only registered members can leave Feedback. Buyers must wait at least 7 days before leaving negative or neutral Feedback for a PowerSeller who has been registered on eBay for at least 12 months.

In some situations, we may remove or adjust Feedback for certain transaction defects. Learn more about our Defect removal policy.

When we suspend someone due to a non-selling violation, we remove any neutral or negative Feedback that person has left for others. If a buyer doesn't pay for an item, we also remove Feedback from a buyer when the buyer hasn't responded to an unpaid item case and has received an unpaid item for that transaction.

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