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Independent Feedback review

Members can send Feedback to NetNeutrals, a professional dispute resolution service, for an independent review. Depending on the decision by NetNeutrals, we may remove the Feedback.

NetNeutrals isn't affiliated with eBay and charges fees for its services. NetNeutrals bills you directly. This charge is non-refundable, no matter the outcome of the review.

The NetNeutrals independent Feedback review is only available for purchases of $300 or more in all categories except eBay Motors > Cars & Trucks. In the eBay Motors > Cars & Trucks category, all purchases are eligible for independent Feedback review, regardless of purchase price.

Find out more about NetNeutrals.

Requesting an independent Feedback review

To begin the NetNeutrals Feedback review:
  1. Enter your user ID and the item number associated with the Feedback you want reviewed.

  2. Click Continue.

  3. Review the details and pay the fee.

  4. NetNeutrals contacts the member who left the Feedback comment and that person has a chance to respond.

  5. Once NetNeutrals makes a decision, NetNeutrals sends an email to both the buyer and seller. NetNeutrals also notifies us of their decision.

  6. If NetNeutrals recommends that Feedback be removed, please allow 2 weeks for the changes to occur on your Feedback Profile.

We remove ratings if NetNeutrals determines that the member who seeks the removal has clearly and convincingly shown one or more of the following:

  • The member leaving the Feedback didn't show a good faith effort to complete the transaction. Failure to pay for or sell an item by itself isn't sufficient to meet this guideline.

  • The member didn't submit the Feedback in a reasonable amount of time.

  • There is clear and convincing evidence that the transaction-related information contained in the Feedback comment is factually inaccurate, even if this was the result of a misunderstanding or an honest mistake.

  • For Used Heavy Equipment and Vehicles, NetNeutrals take into account particular considerations when determining "excessive value." In these cases, if the seller offered a 100% money-back guarantee on the purchase price of the item (up to when the buyer or their proxy picked up the item), a buyer request of monetary value is considered excessive. 

    In circumstances where the seller has offered a 100% money-back guarantee, but there's a dispute over the description or condition of the item, the seller may offer to cover any costs related to freight, travel or repairs requested by the buyer. In such cases, NetNeutrals may find it's "excessive" when a buyer asks to resolve that dispute for any monetary value beyond a reasonable amount as decided by NetNeutrals.

Requirements for independent Feedback review

To be eligible for independent Feedback review, the Feedback comment must meet these conditions:

  • The Feedback comment must have been left for you as a result of any purchase in eBay Motors > Cars & Trucks, or for a purchase of $300 or more in all other categories.

  • This must be the first time you've requested a review for this Feedback comment.

  • You must request the review while the listing is still available on, approximately 60 to 90 days after the end of the listing.

  • The listing must have appeared on This service isn't available outside the US.

After the review is complete

If NetNeutrals determines that we should remove the Feedback, we remove both the Feedback rating and comment. If we remove the Feedback, you can't leave additional Feedback for that transaction.

Note: There isn't an appeal process. For a transaction being reviewed by NetNeutrals, both members in the transaction have an opportunity to submit information to NetNeutrals before the case is closed and a decision is communicated.

The fine print

Even if you use the NetNeutrals independent Feedback review, all of our Feedback rules and policies still apply. This program is in addition to all other Feedback policies and tools, such as the Feedback removal policy and Feedback revision requests.

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