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 UPS International Shipping  
How do I ship internationally with UPS?
Now, you can use PayPal to ship to the more than 200 countries and territories served by UPS. Simply choose your destination country in the dropdown menu when you are creating your label. Once your label is created, our easy-to-use system will help you complete the required customs forms. These forms will vary by item, value, and destination location. Interested in more information on country regulations? Access UPS's database of country-specific trade requirements at
What are customs, duties, and taxes?
These are fees that are charged by the destination country. The shipper typically pays shipping costs, but the buyer is responsible for duties and taxes on the item once it is delivered. Customs clearance fees may or may not be included in the shipping cost depending on the service level you choose. The duties, fees, and taxes are based on the origin, destination, and products in a shipment and can vary greatly by country. SHIPPING TIP: Consider reminding the buyer on your auction that they are responsible for these additional fees.
How are customs, duties, and taxes determined?
Duty rates, customs clearance, and taxes are determined by the destination country. These fees, also known as "landed costs", can vary greatly between countries based on Tariff classifications, value declaration, and duty management..To get an estimate of the fees charged by Customs for international shipments, including applicable duties, fees, taxes, visit UPS TradeAbility at and click on "Landed Costs".
Why should I choose UPS for international shipments?
  • UPS is the world's largest package delivery company, serving more than 200 countries and territories. We can reach 80% of the world's population in 48 hours.
  • Expedited customs clearance is available for all Express and Expedited services, enabling your shipments to reach your customers sooner.
  • UPS provides day-definite delivery for all shipments.
  • Only UPS provides you with detailed tracking information from initial scan to final delivery, available 24/7 on My eBay.
  • UPS rates include damage/loss protection up to $100.00 per package. Additional protection is available for an additional charge.
  • Only UPS offers customers Paperless Invoice, an electronically transmitted commercial invoice that streamlines shipment processing, helps reduce international holds and saves ink and paper. Visit to learn more.
  • UPS offers a variety of free tools to help you grow your business internationally. To access UPS international trade tools, visit
Can I identify an item sold on eBay as a "gift" on the commercial invoice?
There has been plenty of discussion on the boards of buyers asking the item to be identified as a "gift" to lower customs taxes. New security and compliance initiatives, trade agreements, customs regulations, duty rates, and import and export processes can make it more difficult and expensive than ever to conduct trade internationally. However, it is important for you to understand that non-compliance with government regulations can bring potential fines, penalties, and legal action to you, the shipper. Please use your best judgment when dealing with governmental forms and requirements.
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