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What kinds of UPS Accounts are available?
Daily Pickup Account
When you open a Daily Pickup Account*, a UPS driver will stop by your location every Monday through Friday to pick up your ground, air, and international packages. A weekly service charge will apply, based on your weekly shipping volume. The weekly service charge will be billed to your UPS Account.
*Certain restrictions and charges may apply. See for further details.
Occasional Account
An Occasional Account gives you the convenience of weekly billing without a weekly service charge or daily pickup.
What are the different types of rates available from UPS?
Daily Rates
Daily rates are available to shippers who receive a UPS daily pickup. The shipper pays a weekly service charge for a UPS driver to stop at their location Monday - Friday to pick up packages.
On-Demand Rates
On-demand rates are available to shippers who do not have a UPS daily pickup, but who pack and ship their own items. On-demand rates are available to shippers who print their shipping labels directly from, and drop off their packages with an electronically generated label at a nearby UPS Customer Center or location of The UPS Store™.
Retail Rates
Retail rates are available to shippers who bring their packages to The UPS Store or a UPS Customer Center. The associate at that location will create the shipping label and attach it to the package. Additional packaging services as well as document services, mailbox, and notary services are available at The UPS Store.
Can I get my packages picked up if I don't have a UPS Daily Pickup Account?
Yes. If you don't have a UPS Daily Pickup Account, or you don't have a UPS Account at all, UPS On-Call Pickup™ gives you the convenience of having your shipment picked up at your home or office simply by scheduling your pickup via or by calling 1-800-PICK-UPS. In most areas, you can request a same day pickup. Otherwise, you can schedule a pickup in advance for the next business day, or later in the week, regardless of where you are located.
What do I do if my package was damaged?
To report a damaged package electronically, please visit and follow these steps:

Select Resources.
Select Customer Service.
Select E-mail UPS.
Select Report a Damaged Package.
Complete all of the required fields on the e-mail form, and submit.

You may also call UPS Customer Service at: 1-800-PICK-UPS

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