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Do you want to learn how to sell on eBay but cannot find your town or city on our University 2007 schedule? Despair not! Find an eBay Education Specialist in your local area.

   Griff's Tips

eBay University: Only Two More Events For 2006

eBay University will be visiting New York City and Los Angeles in October when we'll bring our new eBay University format to eager new and experienced eBay sellers. This new format offers an expanded set of courses for all levels of selling.

The first of the events, New York City, is unique in that it is scheduled as a part of the DigitalLife conference, October 12-15 at the Jacob Javits Center. Digital Life is a four-day consumer event, produced by Ziff Davis Media, dedicated to educating consumers on what the digital lifestyle means in every aspect of life - at work, home and play. For this event only, eBay University will be a full four days, providing even more flexibility in scheduling! And, don't forget, your eBay University badge will also get you into DigitalLife. If you live in the NYC metro area, you simply don't want to miss this special opportunity!

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But Griff! eBay University Isn't Coming To My Town!

eBay University is probably already in your town through the services of an eBay Education Specialist! Education Specialists are specially trained and certified eBay sellers and educators who, on their own time, provide scheduled classes, seminars and in some cases, one-on-one coaching and consulting for new and experienced eBay sellers who want to start or grow a business on eBay. eBay Education Specialists utilize the same course materials that we use in eBay University.

You can find an eBay Education Specialist in your neighborhood by searching the Specialist directory by zip or area code.

   Safe Commerce Tip of the Month:

The Right Package Size for the Right Job

I have noticed lately that some sellers are unknowingly charging too much for shipping when using the eBay Shipping Calculator. The problem arises during the listing process when selecting a package size:

Some sellers assume that "Package (or thick envelope)" must be too small to match their parcel and they opt for Large Package (Oversize 1)." By selecting this size, the seller has just drastically increased the cost of shipping!

The Package Sizes Help Page defines the three possible package sizes thus:

Package/Thick Envelope

* A package is a parcel less than 84" when you add the length + girth. Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.
* A Thick Envelope is a large envelope exceeding 3/4" thickness.

Large Package/Oversize 1

A Large Package is a parcel where the length + girth is over 84" and less than or equal to 108". Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.

Very Large Package/Oversize 2

An Oversized Package is a parcel where the length + girth is over 108" and less than or equal to 130". Length is the longest side of a package. Girth is the distance if you wrapped a string around the 2 smaller sides of a package.

Most eBay items easily fit the Package/Thick Envelope size of length + girth = 84 inches. Make sure you select the right package size for your parcel.

   Ask the Expert

Q: Does PayPal or eBay send a 1099 form at the end of the year? If not how do I know my earnings from my eBay sales?

A: IRS Form 1099 is used primarily by companies or corporations to report the income they paid to independent contractors. eBay sellers are not independent contractors hired by eBay thus eBay does not send out 1099's to sellers. It is the sole responsibility of all eBay sellers to record and keep records of their sales and purchases as required by the local, state and federal laws to which they are subject. eBay and PayPal provide several tools and features to help a seller keep track of all their trading activity on eBay. You can download your transaction history as recorded on PayPal. You can also download your Sales History on eBay using the File Management tool in Selling Manager. In addition, there are many third party tools available such as software like Intuit's QuickBooks and Microsoft's Money as well as eBay Certified Solutions Providers like Whatever you use, do use something, even if it is the old double column ledger books used by merchants for centuries! Anyone selling on eBay with even sporadic regularity should consider consulting with a business or accounting expert to help them set up accurate bookkeeping for their business on eBay.


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