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Listing Scheduling FAQs What is listing scheduling?
Listing scheduling is the ability to specify a future start time for a listing (date and time). When the item is sent to eBay the listing will be held in an inactive "pending" state until the start time arrives, at which time the listing will be "activated".

Why would I want to schedule my listings?
Listing scheduling can be used for convenience, or to ensure that your items will begin and end exactly when you want them to. For example: If you were going on vacation, you could schedule some listings to start while you were gone to keep your business running. The feature could also be useful if you prefer to work during the day but want your listings to start and end in the evening.

How can I schedule my listings?
The listing scheduling feature is currently available on Sell Your Item 2.0 and in the Turbo Lister and Blackthorne programs.

For more information about Turbo Lister, click here.

Can I see my scheduled listings while they are pending (after I submit them, but before they are listed)?
Yes. While your listings are pending, you (the seller) can access them via a special page. You will be required to log in, and you will be able to preview, edit, reschedule, or cancel your scheduled listings.

Can anyone else see my scheduled listings before they are listed?
No. Only you (the seller) may see your pending listings before they are activated. Buyers will not be able to find your pending items via search or browsing, nor will they be able to bid on them until they are activated.

Are there any limits related to scheduled listings?
Yes. There are two limits related to listing scheduling. The limits have been put in place to limit possible negative effects on site performance and to help our system start your listings at their scheduled time. The current limits are (they may change in the future):
  • You may schedule listings to start anytime up to 21 days in the future.
  • You may have up to 3000 scheduled listings at any given time.

    Are there any fees related to listings scheduling?
    Yes. A fee of $0.10 will apply per scheduled listing on the site. When using the listing scheduling feature, you will of course also be responsible for any fees normally associated with listing your item on eBay (insertion, final value, etc...). For more information about eBay fees, please visit:

    When/How will the fees be charged?
    The scheduled listing fee, and all other listing fees, are charged when your listing is started ("activated"). If you cancel a scheduled listing before its start time, no fees will be charged. The fees charged will be those that are currently in effect when the listing is started - if a fee change occurs between the time a listing is scheduled and when it starts, the new fees will apply to the listing.

    Can I schedule items to list on other eBay country sites (like eBay Germany or eBay UK)?
    Yes. Listing scheduling is currently available on eBay US (, eBay Germany, and eBay UK. We will be adding the listing scheduling feature to other international eBay sites in the coming months.

    What is the best time to schedule my items to start?
    The best time to start your items really varies depending on what you sell and who your buyers are. For example, if you sell office supplies and your main customers are small businesses, then you might want your items to be available for bidding and buying during normal working hours. If you sell recreation or leisure-related items, you may want your items exposed in the evenings so users can shop after work. We encourage you to try out some different starting and ending times for your items to see what works best for you.