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Package Pickup with the U.S. Postal Service®

Schedule a Package Pickup

Prepare your package, complete with postage, then request pickup online. Your Postal carrier delivering your mail will pick it up for free when your mail is delivered. You can also request that your package be picked up on specific days.

Benefits of Package Pickup

Packages are picked up from your location.
Your Postal carrier can save you a trip to the Post Office™ by picking up your package from your home or office. When mailing two or more packages, request a manifest or SCAN form (PS Form 5630).

There's no fee.
Because your carrier doesn't have to make a special trip, Package Pickup service is free.

You can plan ahead.
Package Pickup lets you place pickup requests up to 30 days in advance. You can also schedule recurring pickups for up to 30 days at a time.

Requests can be placed online.
USPS® lets you place your Package Pickup requests online for added convenience.

How to Use Package Pickup

Blue and white Depiction of two computer screens.  The first screen is entitled Schedule Next day pickup and has a zoomed in bubble of address inputs in the top left area the screen. The second is called Schedule a Future Pickup. This has a magnifier in the bottom left of the screen depicting a calendar grid.
  1. Prepare and package your item, and affix proper postage.
  2. Go to the Package Pickup online request.
  3. Enter your address, and select "Submit," then follow the instructions.

* To schedule a Package Pickup go to