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Shipping Zone

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The United States Postal Service® and eBay make shipping online as easy as selling.

Choose the U.S. Postal Service® for your convenience. Our easy-to-use online services bring the U.S. Postal Service right to your desktop.

Graphic depicting step by step process. Gray Calculator representing Listing items with an arrow to a pile of USPS Shipping boxes representing preparing items and an arrow to a grey printer with a shipping label coming out in front of a large brown box and a smaller white box representing shipping items.

Listing Items

Attract buyers. Buyers can automatically view shipping costs with eBay's free calculator.

Preparing Items

Pack it up. Order free domestic shipping supplies.

Shipping Items

Print postage online.
Also request Package
and use the USPS Track and

You can always take your eBay package directly to one of our
convenient locations nationwide.

* To schedule a Package Pickup go to