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The New eBay Store
Build Your Brand,
Build your Business

A professional-looking online store creates an instant impression of credibility in the eyes of your buyers. In the coming weeks, eBay Stores will have new and improved customization features. Through the use of layout, color, imagery, and content, you can create a shopping environment that captures your company's personality and attracts more buyers!
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Customizing your Store Appearance is Easy
An eBay Store makes it easy for you to have a professional-looking online shopping site. We provide the tools you need to design and customize the Store to suit your business.
With an eBay Store you can:
  • Build your brand: Create a professional and distinct brand that is both enjoyable to shop in as well as memorable - turning your first-time buyers into repeat buyers.
  • Control the display of your Items: Organize and display all your items in an easy-to-find and easy-to-buy manner.
  • Create custom pages: Create additional pages in your Store to accompany or accentuate your items. Develop your own home page, create a list of your store policies or give more background on your business or your items.

A customized Store reflects your business identity. Select colors, fonts, and themes that best represent you and your products.
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