Creating and Managing Categories
Accessing Your Categories
A. Click on the Store Categories link in the left navigation of Manage My Store

The Manage Store Categories entry page lists your level 1 categories and the number of corresponding subcategories and listings in each level 1 category.

B. Category links: click on the category link to see the subcategories, or lower level categories
C. Reorder Categories: specify how you want your categories to appear to buyers
D. Add Category: add a new category to the current view
E. Rename: change the names of the selected categories
F. All Categories: view entire Store category navigation on one page
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Creating New Categories
A. Level 1 Categories: click the Add Category button to create a new category to the current view
B. Subcategories: click on the category name link to see any subcategories, then click the Add Category button to create a subcategory
C. Enter the category name(s)
D. Select Save to apply
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Reordering Categories
You can select from three options when specifying the order of your Store categories in your eBay Store:
A. Alphabetical order: categories appear in descending order from A to Z
B. By number of listings: Categories appear in descending order showing the highest to lowest number of listings
C. Manual order: Using the arrow buttons, you can move level 1, level 2, or level 3 categories up or down in the order
D. Select Save to apply new order
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Moving Categories
You can move categories and subcategories into a new location.

A. Check the box next to the categories you want to move
B. Select the Move Category button
C. Select the desired category where you’d like to move your selected categories
D. Click the Move button
Note: If the categories you move contain listings, the listings will move with the category.

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