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Get Started
Skype is free and easy to download, install and use. Click the button to start downloading the Skype software. Mac users click here.

    My eBay right from Skype
  • Track auctions you're watching
  • Search without opening a browser
  • Check your winnings
  • Sell your stuff
  • Download the eBay version of Skype
    Add Skype to your about me pages
  • Skype for your eBay Member Profile
  • Show when you are available
  • Call and chat directly from the web or email
  • Show me how
    Differentiate yourself as a Top Seller
  • Add either voice and chat to your listings
  • Build trust with buyers when selling complex or high priced items
  • Answer questions quickly, easily and on your own schedule
  • Connect easily with buyers and turn them into repeat customers