Tutorial International Shipping
You're almost done! Carefully review the shipping details, including addresses, contents and shipping services for accuracy. If everything looks correct, click Pay and Continue.

The label and customs form will open in a new window. Due to the large content, the window may open slowly. Follow the directions to print the form.

Please note that your shipping label and customs form are combined into one document. Multiple copies of your customs form will be printed, depending on which shipping service you selected. Look at the bottom of each form to see which copies to keep as your receipts. Place the remaining copies in the clear plastic pouch attached to your package.

As a final step, be sure to sign and date each copy of the printed form in the appropriate areas. If you do not sign the forms, the package will not be delivered.

You have just successfully printed all the international documentation and postage required to ship your package!

Still have more questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions on International Shipping Labels.

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