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Give Your Feedback Live at eBay Live!
Reserve your seat for the hot topic forums at eBay Live, June 21 -23, Anaheim Convention Center:
  • Feedback System
  • Selling Tools
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All Aboard! Sell Your Item 2.0 Is Ready To Go!
SYI 2.0 - Gets Rave Reviews
Results are in and they are quite impressive! Sell Your Item 2.0 has passed the 3-month pilot test by achieving more than 1/3 of all listings generated from a Sell Your Item form. Recent eBay seller survey showed sellers who have tried SYI 2.0 prefer it by a ratio of 9 to 1 to the old form.
Major raves include:
Enhanced usability
Ability to list similar items with a single click
No lost data when using the Back button
Learn more

SYI 2.0 - The Default Form Starting Late June
Please check the Announcement Board posts for further updates but rest assured, the old SYI form will still be available during the transition period as you adjust your selling process. For more details, click here.

SYI 2.0 - A Better Way To Sell!
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eBay Payments Protects Sellers
Protect yourself from liability in the event of credit card or checking account fraud. Now, with Seller Payment Protection from eBay Payments, it is easy and safe to increase sales and maximize profits. Sign up today!

Save Money and Time Each Month with eBay Direct Pay!
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