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ISSUE 9, May 24, 2000

This Issue's Features

E-Stamp—Their Offer to PowerSellers Just Got Better

E-Stamp is now introducing a new Power Postage Plan, exclusively for PowerSellers—a $9.95 monthly subscription fee, no matter how much postage you buy or use. For example, if you buy $100 or $1000 of postage per month, your monthly fee is always $9.95. However, if you prefer, you may still keep the existing pay-as-you-go pricing model with the $24.95 per month cap. Best of all, your first month of service under this new subscription model is FREE! For more information, please click here.

eBay Affiliates Program—Money, Money, Money, Money!!!

Join the eBay Affiliates Program Today!!

The eBay Affiliates Program is a simple way for PowerSellers to work with eBay to drive more buyers and bidders from your site to eBay.

Who can be an affiliate? Anyone who has a website! How do you do it? Simply click on the link below, sign up, select an eBay button or banner, and put it on your website as a link to eBay. Every time one of your site's visitors clicks on that eBay link, then registers at eBay, you get $3.00! In addition you'll be able to choose from banners and buttons that are relevant to your expertise or category; whether you're an antique collector, a computer re-seller, or a sports memorabilia fanatic—your eBay button or banner will link to the appropriate eBay category, driving buyers to your items.

So come join forces with eBay in a powerful advertising partnership: become an affiliate today!

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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships

Picture This!

eBay and iPIX, Inc. have teamed up to develop and implement powerful and easy-to-use imaging solutions for eBay's community. The partnership between eBay and iPIX, Inc. plans to collaborate to offer eBay users an integrated solution that will allow eBay sellers to quickly and easily include high-quality images in their listings. eBay and iPIX, Inc. also plan to develop additional imaging services that add value to the eBay trading experience.

The parties intend to offer eBay users a variety of rich media services including drag-and-drop still image submission, slideshows, and image zooming capabilities to enhance their eBay listings. The iPIX imaging infrastructure, which is optimized for performance and reliability for both uploading and viewing, will be designed to make it easy for eBay users to submit and view images.

Click here to check out what iPIX, Inc. is all about.

A Whole New Way to Make Money by Selling Your Knowledge

Due to the many questions we have received about, we would like to share some additional information with you. is the first Live Answer Community, a website where people with questions talk to people with answers, live, over the phone. What this brings to you is a valuable new tool for improving your online business and a whole new way to make money by sharing your knowledge on anything from auctions to parenting, health and fitness to computing, and more. is a marketplace for questions and answers. is not a replacement for eBay customer support or eBay message boards. Rather, it's another channel for you to share what you know about selling on eBay and make money in the process. To help ensure confidence in those that have questions, employs a rating system that is based on consumer feedback and each KeenSpeakers' overall reliability and experience.

Here's how it works:

  • Sign Up for free.
  • Create a listing describing the knowledge you have to offer, and assign a price per minute.
  • Create a schedule when you'd like to be available for calls—whenever you want, wherever you have a phone.
  • When a member wants to reach you, they simply click on "Call Now" next to your listing. Your phone rings, and you and your new customer start talking instantly, securely and privately. Because initiates the call, your personal information—and that of your callers—is kept completely private.
  • You'll make money each time you answer a call. You keep 70% of the revenue you generate from every call.

If you have any questions or comments about, please click here.

*Please keep in mind that it is against eBay policy to link to from your item description page.

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Technology Enhancements

Changes In Expanded Autos Area

In response to customer feedback following the introduction of eBay Motors, we promised to return some categories from eBay Motors back to At this point, we completed these changes.

The following categories on have been restored:

Collectibles:Transportation:License Plates
Sports:Sporting Goods:Boating (all categories)
Everything Else:Aircraft (all categories)
Everything Else:Equipment:Farm
Everything Else:Equipment:Construction

Sellers may list in the above categories using the regular selling form or Mister Lister. If you experience problems with Mister Lister, you may need to upgrade to the most recent version. To download and install the latest version, please click here.

The following categories on eBay Motors are being expired. The items will remain there until they run their natural course. NO INSERTION FEES will be charged for any item listed in these categories since the launch of eBay Motors on 4/24. Insertion fees should be credited to seller accounts by the end of May:

Automobilia (all categories)
Other Vehicles:Watercraft (all categories)
Other Vehicles:Farm,Construction
Other Vehicles:Aircraft
Parts & Accessories:Parts:Aircraft (all categories)
Parts & Accessories:Apparel:Pilot Gear

We have established links on eBay Motors to help customers easily get to the restored categories back on

Please check the Announcement Board for any further updates.

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Productivity Tools

Creating Your Own Gallery on eBay

Did you know that you could have your own personal Gallery of items on eBay? What a great way to showcase the items that you have listed in the eBay Gallery. To create your own Gallery, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Insert a unique phrase or word in the item description of each of your items. We suggest using your email address.

Step 2: Find the link to your Gallery items (this will only need to be done once):
a) Go to the
gallery search page.
b) Insert your unique phrase or word (from step 1) into the search field.
c) Click on the 'Search titles and descriptions' box and click on 'Search'.
d) The link to your Gallery items can be found in the Address window, which is also known as the Location or URL window. Copy this link.

Step 3: Insert a link to your Gallery items into your item description using HTML tags:
<A href="Paste the link from Step 2d here"><B>Click Here to See Our Items We Have for Sale in the eBay Gallery</B></a>

Following these three steps will create your own personal eBay Gallery. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is just another way to show off your items to your bidders.

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Policy Updates

Listing Your Items in the Appropriate Categories

In the past few weeks, we have had many questions about listing in the appropriate category. We would like to profile our category listing policy to help you chose the most beneficial category for you.

Auction items that are listed in the wrong category are either moved to the appropriate category or ended and removed from the site. The action taken against these items is at the sole discretion of eBay. Items that are intentionally placed in the wrong category will likely result in ending and removal of the auction in question and may jeopardize the seller's account. Given that there are over 4,000 categories in which to list an item, finding a category for your item should be relatively easy. If there is a specific category for your item, it is more appropriate that you list your item there, rather than in a more vague related category.

The following should provide some clarification on categories that have been issues as of late:

  • Computer software items are not permitted in the computer hardware category. This includes software that is related to hardware, such as software that helps your computer run faster.
  • Information items, such as compilation CDs, can be listed in the new compilation category (Computers:Services:Informational: Compilations). These items are not appropriate for the other software categories, as they do not solely contain software programs.
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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships
Picture This

A Whole New Way to Make Money by Selling Your Knowledge

Technology Enhancements
Changes in Expanded Autos Area
In Response to customer feedback following last week's introduction...
Productivity Tools
Creating Your Own Gallery on eBay
Did you know that you could have your own personal Gallery...
Policy Updates
Listing Your Items in the Appropriate Categories
In the past few weeks, we have had many questions about listing...
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