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ISSUE 8, April 26, 2000

This Issue's Features

Billpoint—Another Great Reason to Use the eBay Way to Pay

You could WIN a trip to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games!

Visa and Billpoint are giving away a trip for two to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games! Transportation, accommodations, meals, and tickets to exciting Olympic Games events are included!

And Billpoint is offering you FREE Visa transactions! Sign up for Billpoint and we'll waive all Billpoint fees for payments made by your buyers using a Visa card! Sign up for Billpoint today for your chance to WIN and for your FREE Visa transactions!

Questions? Contact us at

E-Stamp Now Provides Parcel Insurance!

E-Stamp now provides parcel insurance through U-PIC. For more information about E-Stamp, how to sign up and this new insurance functionality, go here.

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Technology Enhancements

Changes Planned for Expanded Autos Area

eBay just launched a new auto-related area at the end of this month. The new area will offer specialized shopping features for eBay users trading cars, motorcycles, other vehicles, parts, accessories, and related collectibles.

We want to tell you about three main changes that took effect:

Category Changes

Pricing Changes (These changes apply to new Autos Categories Only)
  • Gallery item is FREE when listing in a vehicle category.
  • Gallery Featured fees will increase (and Gallery Featured items will be more visible).
  • Optional boldface and listing icon fees for vehicle categories will increase.
For details on the new auto area pricing go here.

Selling form and Mister Lister Changes

  • 5 new, specialized selling forms for new auto-related categories.
  • Mister Lister will not support the new auto-related categories at launch. We plan to offer bulk listing into these categories in the future.
To view the new sell your item forms for this category, please click here.
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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships

SquareTrade Can Help You Resolve Disputes

We have been hard at work trying to make eBay easier to use and a safer place for buying and selling. The overwhelming majority of eBay transactions occur without any problems. Frequently, a simple misunderstanding can be cleared up with a polite conversation. eBay wholeheartedly encourages open and honest communication.

On rare occasions, trading partners can benefit from the help of third parties to keep the dialog going and to resolve their disagreements. About a year ago we conducted a two-week pilot program for on-line dispute resolution services to get a better understanding of whether this type of service would be useful to the eBay community. We received positive responses about the pilot and we also gained further insight about how an on-line dispute resolution service could be further improved to benefit the eBay community.

We are now conducting a further three-month pilot program on on-line dispute resolution. SquareTrade, an independent on-line dispute resolution company, will conduct this pilot. SquareTrade has used the learnings from the earlier pilot program to implement a sophisticated web-based technology, supported by a network of over 150 mediators to provide dispute resolution services in an efficient and effective manner.

SquareTrade will provide this service to eBay users free of charge during the pilot. Both the buyer and seller must agree to use SquareTrade in order for the dispute to be mediated. The process will initially be available for disputes involving items transacted on eBay having a value in excess of $100. During the course of the pilot, we will evaluate whether to provide this service to other transactions as well.

For more information about SquareTrade and on-line dispute resolution, please go here.

As always, we encourage you to get to know your trading partners. Read about their reputations in the Feedback Forum. Talk to each other by email or on the Discussion Boards. If a disagreement does arise, we hope you'll consider using this service.

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Productivity Tools

Prime Time Is Not the Best Time to Upload Multiple Items

Did you know that with Mister Lister you can send items to the Collection Summary area up to 14 days prior to the time you wish to post your auctions live to eBay? This is a great feature that can surely help your eBay selling experience.

Prime time, which usually falls between the hours of 16:00 PST and 21:00 PST, can be a difficult time to upload items due to the large amount of collections being sent into eBay. We are working on making improvements to the Mister Lister system to facilitate higher load volumes during prime time. However, in the meantime, we encourage you to upload your collections during non-prime time hours.

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Policy Updates

PowerSeller Logo Usage

We have had many requests from our PowerSeller Community about using the PowerSeller logo on their non-PowerSeller accounts. We wanted to clarify the exact policy.

As you know, there is nothing wrong with one Seller having multiple accounts on eBay, as long as there are no interactions between the accounts. However, at this time, the PowerSeller logo may only be used in conjunction with the account that is registered for the PowerSeller program.

If you would like to read the full PowerSeller Terms and Conditions, please go here.

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For PowerSeller support, contact us at

Have a question?
As always, contact us at for a superior level of PowerSeller support.
Technology Enhancements
Changes Planned for Expanded Autos Area
eBay plans to unveil...
Promotional Efforts and Partnerships
Square Trade Can Help You Resolve Disputes
We have been...
Productivity Tools
Prime Time Is Not the Best Time to Upload Multiple Items
Did you know that...
Policy Updates
PowerSeller Logo Usage
We have had many requests from our PowerSeller Community...
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