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ISSUE 6 March 3, 2000

Thank you for your participation in the PowerSeller program. Issue number 6 of the official PowerSeller newsletter is here with more up to date information for our valued members. Starting with this issue we will send these newsletters out every 3 weeks in order for us to accumulate more of a wide variety of content. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback to let us know what your thoughts are on this.

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? Good News About Leaving Multiple Feedbacks!
? Best of Hollywood
? Special Notice for PowerSellers!
? Promotional Efforts--> New Face of the Community Boards
? Technology Enhancements--> Smart Search
? Policy Updates--> Advertisements in Item Description Policy
? Productivity Tools--> Mister Lister 2.5 Is Almost Here!

Good News About Leaving Multiple Feedbacks!

We are happy to announce that there are welcome improvements to the Feedback Forum beginning today. One improvement is the option to leave multiple feedbacks at once. You will be able to leave 25 transactional feedbacks by going to the " Leave Feedback about an eBay user" option. We will then give you the list of the first 25 auctions that have ended successfully and you will be able to leave appropriate feedback at that time. Once you fill in the comments and appropriate feedback you can hit SUBMIT and the next set of 25 successfully ended auctions appear. We hope that this feature of the Feedback Forum will help you with your eBay needs.

Best of Hollywood

It is that time of year for the Best of Hollywood to put on their fancy duds for the Big Party. In celebration, eBay has launched a Best of Hollywood page. This page will promote items related to the nominees this year in their respective categories such as Animation Art, Celebrity Magazines, DVD Movies, Hollywood, Movie Posters and Props, as well as Wardrobe warn by these stars. You can review this page here:


Special Notice for PowerSellers!

Billpoint, the eBay payment service, has arrived! With lower rates, FREE Visa transactions (for three months!), international orders, faster deposits, and the security of Wells Fargo, you won't want to miss your opportunity to try it out! If you receive a personal invitation from Billpoint, just click on the link in the email to sign up for the service and enjoy your FREE Visa transactions. You can also sign up from the My Account tab in My eBay. Remember, it's free to get started and your buyers will love it!

Promotional Efforts--> New Face of the Community Boards

We recently launched two new features that will enhance our community
member's ability to communicate with each other and eBay staff.

The first new feature is called Community Help. Community Help is a place to ask questions, find answers and help other members in the eBay community. Community Help combines the support of eBay staff and members in an organized "threaded" format that includes search functionality, email notification and education of members that are just "lurking". Member questions and answers will be archived. This will enable Community Help to become more effective as new questions and answers become readily available to all members. The combination of eBay staff and eBay member participation fosters community spirit by encouraging eBay members to share their own wealth of knowledge and expertise with others. The amount of help members provide in our other boards is phenomenal and our member's willingness to continue that tradition is critical to the success of the new boards.

The second community feature is User to User Discussion boards. Unlike our current chat boards, these discussion boards are "threaded" which allows users to easily create or join numerous discussions. Further, discussions will be archived allowing members to have the ability to view numerous past discussions. Three User to User Discussion boards have been introduced today - the eBay Town Square, the eBay Soapbox and Current Issues. These boards provide new avenues for members to interact and discuss important issues with one another.

These new boards will not replace any of the existing boards. We believe that the combination of the current chat boards and the new "threaded" boards best serves the eBay users.

We will be working out some of the details of the new boards during the next few weeks and appreciate your patience. We also encourage you to submit any suggestions and comments to: onlineideas@ebay.com

You can check out both new features at:


Technology Enhancements--> Smart Search

We are working on a feature called Smart Search that can help you refine the search results using simple English language. Currently, if you want to search items which have the word "baseball" but without the word "autograph", you need to type a search command like "baseball -autograph". However, many of our users have told us that these search
commands are difficult to use and to remember. Therefore, we are working to develop an easier search function. You can try the working prototype of Smart Search at:


Please note that users with older browsers (Netscape Navigator and
Internet Explorer versions 3.0 and less) will NOT be able to use Smart
Search. Smart Search uses a tool called 'Javascript', and older browsers do not support Javascript.

We look forward to continuing to work with you to make eBay Search even

Policy Updates--> Advertisements in Item Description Policy

A few weeks ago, we wrote to you about our long-standing policy regarding advertisements in Item descriptions. eBay has had a long-standing policy that third-party advertisements are not permitted in your individual Item Pages.

This policy is based on a simple philosophy that we have always believed in and upheld - that the Item Page is the place where trade happens on eBay. We believe what is presented on the Item Page, by the seller or by eBay, should support the successful sale of that item.

This policy means that eBay will permit listings that contain a small, discrete identification or "credit" to third parties that provide services or products directly connected with the particular listing. The credit may only contain text (font size 3) OR a logo (88x33 pixels-see link below) identifying or crediting the company offering the product or service. It may not contain promotional material or other information about the company.

In addition:
* You can use any color or style on your text.
* You can display the logo of a company or affiliation as long as the logo is no larger than 88x33 pixels and the company performs an essential function related to your listing.
* You can include links to your own web page so long as you comply with the usual eBay policies on linking to it.

For details and examples of this policy, please see:


For answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions, please visit:


Productivity Tools--> Mister Lister 2.5 Is Almost Here!

Mister Lister 2.5 will be available shortly and will incorporate all of the new options that are now available on the eBay Sell Your Item Form.

Regional Options - Previous versions of Mister Lister required members to insert a specific zip code that corresponded to their region. We have now included a drop down box that allows members to choose from the 53 regional options that are currently available.

Payment Options - Sellers can now choose the Billpoint option. Furthermore, the I-Escrow option has been expanded to allow sellers to state whether the buyer or the seller pays for I-Escrow services.

Shipping Options - Sellers now have the option of selecting 'Will Ship to the US' and then select from the nine major world regions for which they will also ship.

New Online Interface Pages - The online pages for Mister Lister now have a new look and feel to them. To download the current version of Mister Lister, or to view the new online pages, please go to the following URL:


Additionally, the specifications for Mister Lister 2.5 are now available. If you have any further questions about Mister Lister, or would like a copy of the Mister Lister 2.5 specifications, please contact us at:


Keep your eyes on the Announcement Board! We will notify the community when Mister Lister 2.5 is available for download.

As usual, if you have any questions, please contact us at powerseller@ebay.com.

Best Regards,

eBay PowerSeller Team

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