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ISSUE 5 Feb 9, 2000

Coming to you live from the eBay PowerSeller Team, issue 5!

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* Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> Valentine's Day
* Technology Enhancements--> New and Improved Search Update
* Productivity Tools--> Watch It!
* Policy Updates--> Linking Properly


We would like to thank you for participating in the Fixed-Price Auction Survey. Your thoughts and suggestions are valuable and very helpful.

Our next step will be to gather feedback from the rest of the eBay community. We will keep you informed with any new progress.

Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Finding the right gift for your loved ones can be a big challenge. eBay created the Gift Giving Guide to make gift searching easier for buyers. You can view the page at:


This page is highlighted on eBay's home page as well. Buyers will be given a list of appropriate gift selections for their Valentine.

Several items are being promoted in the Gift Giving Guide, including heart gemstones, vintage jewelry, Valentine dolls, digital cameras, or golf clubs. Don't miss this opportunity to increase the volume of traffic to your auctions.

Technology Enhancements--> New and Improved Search Update

We are working to keep our Search technology ahead of the growth curve. Our Search engine tracks all of the information for every item - including title, description, auction start and end time, seller, bidders, and bids. Also, every time you bid on an item, list a new item, or change your item description, our Search engine has to track new information.

Unlike a search engine that indexes "static" content, such as a news article which does not change often, eBay auction pages must index "dynamic" transaction activity which changes every few minutes. eBay must index the site frequently to ensure that bidders find newly listed items.

To help improve performance, we have separated the Title Search from the Description Search indexing cycles of the Search engine. We have been carefully monitoring the performance of Title Search cycles. They are currently running at around 3 hours, and sometimes as fast as 1 hour! This means that 80-85% of searches will now find your item 9-11 hours faster.

Productivity Tools--> Watch It!

In addition to selling on eBay, we know that most of you buy as well. We have created a new tool, called Item Watching, which will help both your buying and selling needs.

The Item Watching feature helps you keep track of items you are interested in. As a seller, this will allow you to easily view key items that you are concerned about without having to scroll through all of your items. As a bidder, you can select key items that you are interested in bidding on.

To see how it works, take a look at the following mockups. Please note that these mockups are not working mockups.

The first mockup is located at the following URL and shows the Item page:


On the left hand side of the page, you will see a link to "Watch this item." To watch the item, you simply click on that link.

The second mockup is located at the following URL and shows the new "Watching" tab in My eBay:


You can see the list of items that you are watching by going to this tab.

For the next few months, we will pilot test the Item Watching feature. We'll be rolling out this feature over the next few days, so you might see the "Watch this item" link on some item pages and not on others. However, at the end of the rollout, the link will be available on all pages.

We hope you find the Item Watching feature useful.

Policy Updates--> Linking Properly

I. Simple Links Allowed

Users are allowed to place a simple link to another web page in the description portion of their listing to help provide more information about the listed item. A simple link is defined as an invitation to visit a seller's personal website that does not describe or advertise the items found there.

The following is an example of a simple link:
- Visit our website at www.somewebsite.com

II. Inappropriate Web Site Links

The following is an example of an inappropriate link:
- Visit our website at www.somewebsite.com to purchase discount widgets.

Also, auctions may not link to other auction-style trading sites offering the same merchandise for the same or lower price or to sites offering merchandise prohibited on eBay.

Please review our Listing Policies page for additional information:


PowerSeller Reminder--> Dates to Remember

Mother?s Day May 14
Father?s Day June 18
Spring Weddings

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