***P O W E R S E L L E R N E W S L E T T E R***
ISSUE 4 Jan 26, 2000

The fourth issue of the official PowerSeller newsletter is here and packed full of useful information to help with your selling experience on eBay.

Have a question? As always, contact us at powerseller@ebay.com for a superior level of PowerSeller support.

* Productivity Tools--> Powerful Time Saving Products
* Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> Theme Pages
* Technology Enhancements--> Single Sign-In
* Policy Updates--> Credit Card Surcharges

Productivity Tools--> Powerful Time Saving Products

In case you missed it, we felt it was important to inform you of some changes that are taking place with the eBay and Blackthorne auction tools.

1. Mister Lister Composer, eBay's bulk listing tool, is available to all PowerSellers in its current beta version. The latest version was recently updated on the site. If you are using the Mister Lister Composer and experiencing problems with sending your collections, please uninstall the old version and download this new version. The latest version of the Mister Lister Composer can be downloaded at the following URL:


If you do not currently use Mister Lister, please go to the following URL to find out more information:


As always, if you have any questions or comments regarding the Mister Lister program, please send them to:


2. Want more than just bulk listing? Check out Blackthorne! Blackthorne Software, a subsidiary of eBay and the leader in auction management software, has several products available to help PowerSellers. They offer all of their products as "try before you buy" applications. Please feel free to download an evaluation copy and give it a workout before making your final decision. To find out more about Blackthorne's products, please go to the following URL:


If you are currently using one of Blackthorne's AuctionAssistant products, here is a list of some key changes that have been made:

- Recent eBay Server changes require you to upgrade your Web Page Location Settings in all Blackthorne Products. If you are running AA Classic 2.30 or AA Pro, you can simply go to the File/Maintenance feature and click the Upgrade button to have them filled in. If you are running AA Classic (a version before 2.30) then you will need to go to our URL Setup page at https://www.blackthornesw.com/bthome/URLSetup.htm to find the new settings. You must then type them into the Web Page Locations tab under your options panel.

- Version 1.22 Beta 10 of the AA Pro is now available and adds support for MISTER LISTER 2. Most recently, a Profit and Loss report has been added. It also includes revamped handling of the Gallery images and inclusion of Gallery costs on the Sales panel.

- Version 2.3 of AuctionAssistant Classic is now available.

Please send all questions or comments regarding Blackthorne Software products to:


Future volumes of the PowerSeller Newsletter will provide you with more details of all the products that are available to PowerSellers.

Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> Theme Pages

Along with our efforts to improve the Search function, we have also created theme-dedicated pages that will help buyers search your items much easier. These pages are called the "O-Rama pages" :

Comics-O-rama! --> https://www.ebay.com/comicsorama/
Sci-Fi-O-rama --> https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/scifiorama/
Fashion-O-rama --> https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/fashionorama/
Millennium-O-rama --> https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/millennium00/
Music-O-rama --> https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/musicorama/
Elvis-O-rama --> https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/elvis/

If a buyer clicks on any link on these pages, it will bring them to the item listings that include the keywords related to that specific link. This is a great opportunity to drive more traffic to your auctions. Additionally, eBay makes special efforts to promote these pages. For extra visibility, review the categories being promoted on the O-rama pages and list your items accordingly.

Technology Enhancements--> Single Sign-In

A new enhancement to the site is coming!

Coming shortly, the "single sign-in feature" will be available to reduce how often you will need to enter your User ID and password on eBay, while saving you valuable typing time. Whether it is bidding, listing an item, or posting to the chat boards, you no longer have to keep entering your user ID and password over and over again for every action.

By signing in, you will get a temporary "cookie" which will remember your user ID while your browser is open, and allow you to select for which activities you want your password remembered. The sign-in page lets you choose which actions you want to make available. If there is no activity for 20 minutes or you close your browser, then the cookie will expire.

To see how the Sign In feature works, go to the following URL:


Look for this new feature in the coming weeks!

Policy Updates--> Credit Card Surcharges

Credit Card Surcharges

An eBay seller may not charge a fee, often called a "credit card surcharge," when accepting credit card payments. This surcharge, which is an added cost to the buyer over and above the final sale price and shipping/handling, is not allowed under California law that governs eBay. The use of a surcharge is also against the policy of Visa and MasterCard. Below are links that will provide more information.


There have been a few misconceptions about what charges are in violation of this eBay policy. Many sellers have reworded their terms in an effort to abide by the eBay Credit Card Surcharge Policy. However, these statements are also in violation. Here are a few examples:

- "The final bid reflects a cash discount, that cannot be earned for credit card orders"
Note: If the final bid price reflects a cash discount, then any bidder paying with a credit card will be charged a fee over and above the final bid price. This is still a credit card surcharge.

- "There will be a 2.5% handling fee"
Note: There is no reason for charging a shipping or handling fee as a percentage. Any shipping or handling fee should be a flat rate determined by the need for the item(s) being sold.

Please keep in mind that any fee added onto the final bid price for credit card orders is considered a credit card surcharge and is in violation of eBay. Please, if you are unsure if your terms contradict eBay policy, get clarification before listing.

Please review our Listing Policies page for additional information:


Remember, for your specialized PowerSeller support, please email: powerseller@ebay.com