***P O W E R S E L L E R N E W S L E T T E R***
ISSUE 3 Jan 12, 2000

Happy New Year!!

We are back with the third issue of the official PowerSeller newsletter.

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* Letter from our CEO--> Meg's Letter to the Community
* eBay Platinum Visa--> Charge it and receive great benefits
* Policy Updates--> American Express and Discover are now officially accepted by eBay
* Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> eBay and Blackthorne Partnership
* Productivity Tools--> It's all About Me
* Technology Enhancements--> Go Local! Sell in your local area with our Regional Feature

Letter from our CEO-->Meg's Letter to the Community

Meg Whitman, has posted an open letter to the entire eBay Community summarizing 1999 accomplishments and challenges. The 12 month growth in registered users, items listed, and gross merchandise sales is incredible! Major 1999 accomplishments include:

1) Increased site stability from the high-availability and warm backup systems
2) More categories - categories almost doubled to help buyers find items easier
3) International and Regional - sell and buy internationally or in a specific US region
4) Features for easier trading - Gallery and Gallery Search, Mister Lister 2.0, Personal Shopper, My eBay, About Me, One-Time Credit Card Payments, and Insurance
5) Improved customer support through better training and focus on Customer satisfaction

The complete letter can be found at https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/community/letter.html.

eBay Platinum Visa--> Charge it and receive great benefits

There are many benefits to be had by applying online for an eBay Platinum Visa card:

* Receive a $10.00 credit towards your eBay fees when you put your eBay Visa card on file for automatic payment of your monthly eBay invoice
* Entitles you to be eligible for discounts to eBay and Krause Publications tradeshows
* 5% discount on books and magazines published by Krause
* 5% discount on eBay merchandise from the eBay online store for purchases over $25.00
* Low introductory fixed APR of 3.9% on purchases and balance transfers with no annual fee
* 24-hour online access to your personal account information

Policy Updates--> American Express and Discover are now officially accepted by eBay

Your request has been heard. By popular demand, you can now use your American Express and Discover Card to place or update your credit card on file with eBay. You can also use these cards for adult verification and one-time credit card payments.

American Express and Discover are only available to those members that are billed in US dollars. When a member is billed in non-US dollars, attempts to place an Amex or Discover on their account, or make a one-time payment, the system will run a check on the card number and the member's billing currency. Based on this check, an error message will appear stating that the card number is not valid and identifies which credit cards are acceptable.

Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> eBay and Blackthorne Partnership

If you are not familiar with Blackthorne software, you will be happy to know that this is the answer for most of your auction management problems. Blackthorne software specializes in products to help Sellers sell more effectively on eBay. AuctionAssistant is a program that will provide you with everything you need to list images on your own, and then help manage those auctions for your business. Please check out their web site:


For those of you who are familiar with Blackthorne already, you don't need to worry. Blackthorne Software will continue to do things just as they have in the past. Blackthorne's current product offerings will still exist as they are.

The acquisition of Blackthorne will benefit members in many ways. In the past, Blackthorne had to wait for eBay to make changes and then quickly patch their code to work with these new changes. With access to eBay programmers, Blackthorne will now have advanced notice of any changes which will make the transitions to new features seamless and will help to better integrate AuctionAssistant with the eBay site.

The next version of AuctionAssistant Classic (Version 2.30) is planned to be released soon. It adds a spell checker, database backup utility, automatic notification of upgrades and counters to the already existing features in the current Classic version. This upgrade, will be free to current or recent customers.

AuctionAssistant Pro is receiving some final touches to more tightly integrate it with the eBay site before it is scheduled for release. A fully functional evaluation copy of the beta is currently available on their site.

The product road map for Auction Assistant is still being developed. We will keep you
informed as we make progress.

Productivity Tools--> It's all About Me

Come on...Express yourself! Have you created an About Me page? eBay has a great feature that will allow a seller to present themselves in a way that may not be possible in their individual auction pages. When using an About Me page you can:

* Create a storefront for yourself
* Show off your fabulous finds
* Display your items up for bid
* Educate the world about your favorite hobby
* Promote who you are in the eBay community

This is a great opportunity to show the professionalism that you and your company possess. When using this feature, a "me" icon will appear next to your User ID, that will link directly to your About Me page. To find out more about creating an About Me page, please go to the following:


You may be surprised as to what this will do for your business. So go ahead, tell the

Technology Enhancements--> Go Local! Regional Features

When listing an item for sale, sellers have the option to select the region where the item is located. By selecting the region, you get an extra value for your listing at no additional charge. Not only will your item appear in site-wide search results and listings pages, but it will ALSO appear in regional search results, too! The advantage of having your item appear in regional search results is that the buyers shopping there are looking for items near them, so you are getting a more targeted market for your items. Simply put, when buyers who wish to find items located near them use the Go Local! regional shopping features, your item will be right there for them to find!

Seller Tip: If you don't live in one of the cities on the region list, but there is one located nearby, select that region! This gives your item maximum exposure to potential buyers. And, for larger items that cost more to ship long distances, local buyers may bid more if they know shipping charges will be lower.

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