Issue 24: 08/23/2001

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This Issue's Features
Ship It Easily with Simply Postage
Put a USPS shipping counter right in your office. You’ll save time and hassle when you print your own postage and send packages via of any class of mail – from standard delivery to Priority Mail.

Simply Postage lets you track shipping dates and postage amounts by recipient, listing number, invoice number or any other category you’d like. And you’ll always have shipment dates and postage amounts right at your fingertips for easy reference.

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eBay Seller Classifieds
Boost your sales with Seller Classifieds. Sellers who advertise here get twice the number of bids on average! Place an ad or learn more today.

Technology Enhancements
Upcoming Changes to Home & Garden Categories
To help our users find items faster and more easily in our Home & Garden category, we’re proposing changes to the layout and organization of our current category structure. We invite you to review the proposed changes and share your feedback with us so that we can make further improvements.

Here’s a summary of the proposed changes:

The top of the Home & Garden category page will now show 13 main Home & Garden sub-categories:

*Baby Items
*Bed & Bath
*Food & Beverage
*Furniture & Lighting
*Home Decor
*Home Improvement & Repair
*Housekeeping & Storage
*Kitchen & Table
*Major Appliances
*Outdoor Living
*Pet Supplies

In addition, you will notice that Swimming Pools is now part of Outdoor Living and Solar Energy and Building Supplies are part of Home Improvement & Repair. We have also broken down Home Furnishings into Bed & Bath, Home Decor, Furniture & Lighting, Kitchen & Table and Major Appliances.

A detailed outline of the proposed changes can be reviewed here.

Please send your comments to by August 31, 2001. We appreciate your time and effort.

Proposed Changes to Vintage Clothing Categories
To help our users find items more quickly and easily in our Vintage Clothing & Accessories area, we're proposing changes to the organization of our current category structure. We invite you to review the proposed changes and share your feedback with us so that we can make further improvements.

Please send comments and suggestions to All input received by the end of August will be considered before final decisions are made.

Productivity Tools
Seller’s Assistant Basic
Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got lots of bulk listings and relistings – but no time to do them.
You want a great looking product presentation – but don’t know HTML.
You get 200 emails from buyers each day – all asking the same thing!

SA Basic can handle all this for you:

• Bulk list and relist in one click.
• Create professional, reusable templates with no HTML
• Speed up correspondence the easy way
• Track your items, sales, shipping and more

Find out more about Seller’s Assistant Basic.

Get started today with the SA Basic online course.
For optimal online course results, turn up the volume on your computer system and use the companion document to take notes during the presentation.

Make a Personal Offer
Want a second chance to sell your item quickly and easily if your buyer falls through?

With new Personal Offer, you can send an offer to an under bidder at their maximum bid amount if the winning bidder is unable to complete the purchase. This offer will be limited to one buyer at a time and does not apply to Dutch Auctions.

Creating a Personal Offer is FREE. As a seller, you pay only the Final Value Fee when the offer is accepted. There’s no risk – and nothing to lose!

As of now, you may also use Personal Offer for “Reserve Not Met” transactions in all eBay Motor Vehicles categories. If this proves successful, we’ll consider expanding it to the rest of the site.

Find out more about this new feature by clicking here.

Promotional Efforts
eBay Professional Services – Leave it to the Pros
Need a new company logo or banner ad? Some hard-hitting copy for your auction ads or website? Or a whole new look for your online business?

eBay and eLance have teamed up to bring you a large pool of highly talented freelance professionals who can tackle just about anything – from logos, graphics and websites to programming and software development.

The process couldn’t be easier. Just describe your project on the eLance site and interested freelancers will bid on your job. Then review work samples, hear feedback from previous clients and choose the right person – at the right price for you.

Check out these samples of recent projects and fee ranges. Then call in the pros at eBay Professional Services.

Animated Banner Ads $50 - $150
Logo Design $75 - $500
Web Content $60 - $100
Web Design $200 - $2000
Auction Template $60 - $125
Data Entry $50 - $125
Database Development $150 - $600
Software Development $200 - $1000

Policy Updates
Listing Policy Clarification
With the addition of eBay Stores, we’d like to clarify our Listing Policies. Essentially, all current Auction Listing policies apply equally to eBay Store listings. The one main difference is that in the regular Auction Style format, sellers can only list up to 10 "IDENTICAL" items. In the Stores format, sellers can use the Multi Listing feature to post as many identical item listings as they would like.

For more information and clarification on eBay’s Listing Policies, please click here.

For information on eBay Stores, click here.

Payment Processing Reminder
Our goal is for all eBay transactions to complete without a problem. However, please remember that it’s up to you to protect yourself as much as possible by following a few safe business practices.

In general, you should wait to receive payment before you ship the item. If payment is made by check, consider waiting until the check has cleared. Your bank can tell you if and when this occurs, so you can send the item promptly.

Remember, for your specialized PowerSeller support, please email:
Pay eBay Fees on a Fixed Date

Sign up for Direct Pay as the way to pay your eBay Fees automatically from your checking account. Funds will be deducted from your account on the same date each month. Try our Direct Pay feature.

Special PowerSeller Offer

Time saver! No more waiting on the post office. Print your stamps at your office!

Improve Your Productivity

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