Issue 23: 07/26/2001

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This Issue's Features
eBay Stores Are Open for Business
Now you can offer both fixed-price and auction-style items at your very own eBay Store. These stores are open 24 hours a day to more than 22 million eBay users worldwide. And right now, when you set up your store before August 1st you’ll pay no subscription or listing fees until September 1st.

Both buyers and sellers love the convenience of instant purchases at eBay Stores. So we’re doing everything possible to promote them, including:
  • Home Page promos and Store links from all Category Index Pages
  • Banner Ads on other high traffic sites
  • A Direct mail campaign to millions of eBay buyers

We’ve also got big plans for the Back to School and Holiday buying seasons. So if you’re shopping around for new streams of revenue, it’s time to hit the Stores!

Twice the Bids with Seller Classifieds
Have you heard about eBay Seller Classifieds, those discounted newspaper ads that direct buyers to your online items? These ads are having quite an impact on PowerSeller auctions. In fact, sellers listing items in Classifieds now get twice the number of bids on average! Why not learn more about how you can boost sales when you place an ad today.

Safe & Speedy Selling - eBay Online Payments by Billpoint
Trade Smart, Trade Safe – and get paid quickly and easily by using eBay Online Payments by Billpoint. Plus, we're giving your buyers another great reason to use their Visa card on eBay Online Payments: For the entire month of August, they'll have a chance to win a $50,000 Visa card every time they use it!

Technology Enhancements
NEW! eBay Direct Pay
Want to make paying seller fees a snap? Sign up for eBay Direct Pay and we’ll automatically deduct your eBay seller fees from your checking account each month . No checks to write or stamps to buy. You can also initiate your own payment via eBay Direct Pay. Simply enter your payment instructions on the date of your choice and we’ll take care of the rest.

Seller’s Assistant Pro Does It for You
Are you working harder than you need to? Put Seller’s Assistant Pro on the job and spend more time doing what you really love. This valuable tool saves you time and energy by handling all this for you:
  • Prepares your listings using easy templates
  • Handles bulk listings and relistings in one easy step
  • Schedule your listings for convenience
  • Leaves multiple feedbacks in one click
  • Automates correspondence with buyers
  • Manages inventory and track sales

Get Started Today!

Our online recorded courses make it easy to learn and use Seller’s Assistant Pro. These quick-study guides include everything you need – including companion documents so you can easily take notes.

Productivity Tools
Shipping Solutions from UPS
When it comes to online sales, shipping & handling can turn a great sale into a bum deal virtually overnight. Because with more and more shoppers sensitive to shipping costs, you need great value, top-notch service and no surprises on either end.

That’s where the UPS Service Center comes in. Now you can estimate UPS shipping charges before the sale and include them in your item description. You can also compare and price out shipping options, print out shipping labels and track your shipments online.

Open a UPS account online and see for yourself why UPS leads the way in online deliveries. A Daily Pickup Account gives you the lowest published rates and the convenience of daily stops at your location M-F. For more info, visit or call 1-800-PICK-UPS.

Promotional Efforts
Butterfield’s FREE Auction Appraisals
Do you have a unique piece of fine or decorative art you’d like appraised or sold at auction? Attend an open appraisal at the Butterfield’s location below and receive personalized attention from our specialists on the following dates:

    San Francisco: 8/25, 9/24, and 10/29
    Chicago: 8/21, 9/4, 9/18, 10/2, and 10/16
    Los Angeles: 8/29, 9/26, and 10/31

If your location or item size make an in-person appraisal difficult, please submit online high quality photos for evaluation or mail your photos to:

Attn: Photo Appraisals
220 San Bruno Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94103.

For more information or driving instructions, visit or call 1-800-223-2854.

PowerSeller Expands With eLance
Caroline Macatugob (happiebaby) knows opportunity when she sees it. As President of Highland Auction Services, Inc., this PowerSeller started out reselling dancewear and branched out to bridal wear, culinary goods and "anything else that comes our way."

Recently, Caroline needed a last-minute print ad for a well-known culinary trade magazine, but didn’t have the budget or timeframe most designers wanted. She turned to eLance and got exactly what she needed.

It wasn’t the first time. After seeing an eLance banner ad months ago, Caroline checked out projects posted by others, posted one of her own and was "amazed at the number of bids" she received. Since then, she’s used eLance for banner ads, graphic design and web programming for her growing business.

With results like this, it’s not surprising that smart businesspeople everywhere are finding eLance the perfect solution for a whole range of services they don’t have in-house. "I foresee using eLance a lot in the future," says Caroline. "It’s just easy."

To put an eLancer to work for you, check out eBay Professional Services and eLance today.

Policy Updates
Second Phone for eBay Registration
If your business has a secondary telephone line, may we suggest that you add it to your eBay registration information? Doing so will help us keep in touch regarding important PowerSeller policy issues. This secondary number will only be accessible to eBay employees and will not be given to anyone else. To update your contact information, simply click here.

PowerSeller Logo Link
A friendly reminder: Please make sure your PowerSeller logo links to the PowerSeller Information Page as required to maintain your PowerSeller status. You can easily place the logo in your auctions by inserting one of the following lines of HTML into your description:

Choose from three different sizes(209x177, 157x133 or 105x89)

<*a href=><*img
src= border=0><*/a>


<*a href=><*img
src= border=0><*/a>


<*a href=><*img
src= border=0><*/a>

IMPORTANT: After pasting the above line of HTML in the appropriate location, be sure to delete all of the asterisks (*) so that the logo is properly displayed.

On behalf of eBay and the PowerSeller Trust & Safety Team, thank you for your compliance with the Links and Credits Policy. Please contact us if you have any difficulties with displaying the logo or updating your contact information.

Remember, for your specialized PowerSeller support, please email:
The Best Way to Pay

PowerSellers, use this best way to pay eBay fees. No more credit card and check hassles. Try our Direct Pay feature.

Opening your new eBay Store?

Get free listings with no monthly fee until September 1st. Just sign up before August 1st, 2001.

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Schedule your listings! Automate your work by downloading this powerful tool.


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