Issue 20: 04/26/2001

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This Issue's Features

We Value Your Opinion!

As the most active sellers on eBay, we would like to hear your opinions. eBay Online Payments by Billpoint has put together a short survey to gather information about your selling activities and payment requirements. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey. The results will be used to make our service more valuable to you. Thank you for your time.


PowerSeller Live Online Seminar - Learn More about eBay Online Payments by Billpoint

Speed up your transactions by accepting online credit card payments and electronic checks! If you have an existing or traditional merchant account, learn how you can cut down your process time and cost by using eBay Online Payments by Billpoint.

Come and join us for a live online seminar about Billpoint on May 15, 2001 10 - 11 AM PDT!

In order to attend the seminar, you need to register for the event. To register, please do the following:

    - Go to the eBay University Seminar Page.
    - Click "View Scheduled Events"
    - Click the seminar titled "Learn More about Billpoint"
    - Click the time of the seminar

You will also need two phone lines for this seminar: One for audio and one for the online slide presentation.

If you are unable to attend, a recorded version of this event will be available at the same URL after May 15.

Please note that the live Web seminar can accommodate only up to 300 attendees per event. So make sure you mark your calendar and get ready for the event - first come first serve!


Want To Increase Your Sales? Sell Fixed-Price At eBay's

    · Free listings only takes a commission on the final selling price.
    · No transactions to process
    Get one payment from vs. tracking multiple payments.
    · Lots of eyeballs
    Appear in 23 different price comparison sites (like mySimon).
    · is one of the Internet's top ten shopping sites

Learn more by clicking here or send email to:


eLance Professional Services: Earn Money as a Freelancer!

At eLance, eBay's Services for Business site, you can find talented professionals to create high quality logos, Web design and more.

If you have freelance services to offer, you can now supplement your PowerSeller revenues and earn even more money through eLance. Put your talents to work -- graphic design, computer programming, copywriting, Web design or research -- and reach a world of new clients through eLance. You choose to bid on the projects that interest you.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of providing your services on eLance!

Technology Enhancements

Blocked Bidder List Tool is Here!

We are pleased to introduce a "Blocked Bidder List" tool. This tool allows all sellers to block specific bidders from bidding on their listings. As a seller, you may:

1) Block certain members from bidding on your listings by User IDs;
2) Use this tool for all your listings;
3) Add or remove User Ids from your Blocked Bidder List.

To find this new feature, simply click "Services" on the Navigation Bar at the top of any eBay page, then click "Buying and Selling". Click "Bidder Management" under the "Manage Your Item for Sale".

This feature is FREE for sellers, and will also be available on eBay's international sites in upcoming months.

You can also access the FAQ page from the Top Questions Box on the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that this feature will likely not be fully functional until all changes have been completely released to the site.


Buy It Now Buyer Requirements

Buy It Now usage has continued to grow steadily - reaction to the feature has been overwhelmingly positive from both buyers and sellers. Buyers love the convenience of an immediate transaction, particularly when shopping for gifts. Sellers have benefited from faster auctions and the option to offer another way to buy.

Many users have asked about the free offer. Good news! We will continue to offer Buy It Now as a free feature through the second quarter of this year.

Based on your feedback, we are additionally introducing an alternative to the Buy It Now buyers' requirement to placing a credit card on file with eBay. Starting this week, buyers who are interested in purchasing items with the Buy It Now feature must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have a credit card on file OR
  • Verify identity OR
  • Have a minimum feedback of ten

We hope you continue to enjoy success with the Buy It Now feature. Please continue to share your feedback with us so that we can continue to improve the feature for both buyers and sellers.

< A name=spot_2>Productivity Tools
Final Value Fee Credit/Non-Paying Bidder Program Enhancements

At the request of our community, we are adding more features to enhance our successful online Final Value Fee Credit/Non-Paying Bidder (FVF/NPB) program. One of the changes will allow sellers to have an option to send an extra payment reminder email to bidders, independent of the FVF/NPB cycle. A second notice will allow sellers to remove warnings they placed on bidders.

Payment Reminder

When we redesigned the Online Final Value Fee/Non Paying Bidder program last year, we introduced Non-Paying Bidder Alerts – notices sent by eBay to bidders seven days after the end of the auction, but before Final Value Fee credit was granted. The feature has been very successful, and helped our users regain contact and complete transactions. Now we are introducing an additional convenience to assist sellers in collecting payment even earlier: the Payment Reminder feature.

This is a new reminder email that is available for sellers to send three days after the auction ends – you can send it directly from your My eBay "Items I’ve Sold" page. In this email, you'll have the option to add payment and contact information details. However, if the transaction is not completed, you will need to use the Non- Paying Bidder program to request a Final Value Fee Credit. The Payment Reminder feature will not replace Non-Paying Bidder Alerts in the NPB program.

Non-Paying Bidder Warning Removal Form

Occasionally, sellers and bidders have been able to resolve their differences after the FVF/NPB cycle was completed and a warning was sent to a bidder. In such situations, a new feature will allow sellers to easily reverse the warning and reverse the final value fee credit on their accounts.

You can set to this new feature from the Navigation Bar at the top of any eBay page. Simply click on Help, then Rules & Safety – click Non-Paying Bidder Policy under the Policy heading. A link to "Remove Warning for Bidders" will be available on this page.

Please be aware that these features will likely not be fully functional until all changes have been completely released to the site.


New Pricing and Feature Changes for eBay Picture Services

Recently we informed you that changes to eBay Picture Services were on the way. We’re pleased to let you know that these changes are now here!

eBay Picture Services (powered by iPIX) launched in June 2000 with the goal of providing our members with an easy-to-use and affordable photo hosting solution. This continues to be our goal and we are pleased that more and more members are choosing eBay Picture Services. After evaluating the use of the service to date, the following revisions have been made:


Picture Pack is a new option that allows you to add up to six pictures to your listing, present your pictures in SuperSize format and include your picture in the Gallery. Picture Pack costs $1.00 (a $1.75 value).

Why the change? We believe offering pictures at a variable price as opposed to a flat fee, reducing Slideshow and SuperSize pricing, PLUS offering the new Picture Pack will make Picture Services more flexible and affordable to all sellers.


Title Bar Picture engages your bidders by displaying a small picture in the top left corner of your listing. Title Bar Picture is a FREE option for any listing that uses eBay Picture Services. Check out this attention-grabbing feature.

(Note that this feature is not available on eBay Motors. Motors listings include a Gallery image on “View Item” pages, which essentially duplicates the Title Bar Picture.


Mister Lister and Seller’s Assistant now support the revised pricing, and will support Picture Pack and Title Bar Picture in the near future.


Free pictures per listing: One (previously: two)
Cost for additional pictures: $0.15 per picture (previously: $0.50 for 4)
SuperSize: $0.75 (previously $1.00)
Slide Show: $0.75 (previously $1.00)

Have further questions? Check out our FAQ.

Promotional Efforts

eBay Spring/Summer Promotions

Spring is in full swing and Summer is just around the corner. We are celebrating these warm weather seasons with promotions for: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation and Weddings.

Focusing on these occassions will likely attract both new and existing buyers to search for gifts on eBay.

So get ready. Have any items that are perfect for any of these occassions? Here's a great opportunity to sell them while they are being promoted on eBay.

Policy Updates

Payment Surcharge

Do you remember when your neighborhood gas station used to give you cash back when you paid for your gas with cash, but when you paid by credit card, all you got was a “Sign here” and a “Thank you”.

Well, one of the reasons you got cash back was because gas stations were not allowed to assess a payment surcharge for credit cards. The solution to the credit card processing fees the gas companies were being charged, was to raise the price of gas to make up for the credit card fees assessed, and then offer a cash discount to those who paid by cash. Now that our neighborhood service stations have given way to quick-stop gas-and-go stations, most of them no longer offer cash discounts.

We are offering clarification on this policy below as we often receive reports of PowerSellers whose auctions are in violation of the policy. Please review the policy below, as well as the solution we have offered, and make sure that your current auctions are not in violation."

Payment Surcharges
An eBay seller may not charge a fee, often called a "credit card surcharge," when accepting credit card payments. This surcharge, which is an added cost to the buyer over and above the final sale price and shipping/handling, is not allowed under the laws of many states, including California.

An example of a payment surcharge we commonly see in listing descriptions, is in relation to PayPal’s recent increase in fees.

“If you would like to make your payment by PayPal or by credit card please add 2.2% for processing fees.”

We see similar statements for all credit card payment options.

By law this is simply not allowed in many states and is therefore not permitted by the credit card companies and most importantly, eBay. Listings found to be in violation of the payment surcharge policy are subject to being ended early by eBay.

Similar to the gas stations solution to credit card processing fees, you may want to offer a discount off of the high bid price on cash, money order or check purchases after the listing closes. This way, the bidder is not charged any additional fees.

You may not, however, offer a cash discount off of the shipping and handling or it will be considered a payment surcharge.

We hope this information helps you understand this policy and leads to a more profitable way to list your items.

For further information on the listing policies, please go here.

Remember, for your specialized PowerSeller support, please email:
PowerSeller Seminar - Learn more about eBay Online Payments by Billpoint

May 15, 10 AM - 11 AM PDT. Come and join us for the live online seminar!

Check out our recorded version of the April online seminar on Using's Seller's Assistant.


Contact us at for a superior level of PowerSeller support.


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