***P O W E R S E L L E R N E W S L E T T E R***
ISSUE 2 DEC 28, 1999

We are back with the second issue of the official PowerSeller newsletter with more valuable information that should make your outlook on the New Year even brighter!

* Holiday Gift for PowerSellers --> Free eBay Magazine!
* eBay Auctions --> More Bids, Higher Selling Prices, More Completed Auctions!
* eBay Acquires Blackthorne Software --> Makers of Auction Assistant
* Productivity Tools--> Mister Lister 2.0 - Save Time Listing Your Items
* Policy Updates--> Credit Requesting Policy and the new Non-Paying Bidder policy
* Technology Enhancements--> New Search Enhancements
* Promotional Efforts and Partnerships--> E-stamp and what it can do to help you

Holiday Gift for PowerSellers --> Free eBay Magazine!
Just in time for the New Year! We are pleased to offer a free subscription to eBay magazine. All PowerSellers who qualify and register for the program by 12/31/99 will be entitled to receive six free months of eBay magazine. If you have an existing subscription, it will be extended to include a free additional six months. You should be receiving your first issue in mid-January. If you have any questions about this offer or do not receive your first issue in January, please email us at powerseller@ebay.com

In the event you do not wish to receive our free gift, please email us at powerseller@ebay.com and we will cancel your six free issues (you may receive one or two issues before it is cancelled). There is no obligation to extend or renew the subscription and the publisher will not sell or rent the address we provided them unless you subscribe or give them permission.
eBay Auctions --> More Bids, Higher Selling Prices, More Completed Auctions!
The results are in --> an independent study of eBay, Amazon, and Yahoo auctions for the month of August 1999 provides some compelling reasons for why eBay should be your primary, and hopefully only, auction site. Aggregate information for categories on all three services provided some useful data for PowerSellers to consider when choosing where to list their items. Here are the key highlights:

* Completed Auctions (% of items that sold): 65% on eBay, 14% on Amazon, and 11% on Yahoo
* Average Selling Price: eBay 150% higher than Amazon and 110% higher than Yahoo
eBay Acquires Blackthorne Software --> Makers of Auction Assistant
We're pleased to announce the acquisition of auction software developer Blackthorne Software. As many of you probably know, Blackthorne has developed a set of auction management products, including Auction Assistant. We intend to work closely with Blackthorne in order to continue developing auction management tools for eBay users. We believe that this acquisition will enable Blackthorne to more tightly integrate their software products with our auction site, thus providing our sellers more robust and automated auction management software.

We are developing a product roadmap that will provide a clear path for users of Auction Assistant products. In addition, we are working on migrating support for Blackthorne products to the eBay support channels. Both the roadmap and support migration will take place in early 2000. For more information about Blackthorne, please visit their website at http://www.blackthornesw.co

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new venture!

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS - Mister Lister 2.0 --> Save Time Listing Your Items
Do you bulk upload your auction items? The new Mister Lister is here and better than ever! We are excited to announce the availability of the new and improved Mister Lister bulk listing feature. This new version contains many new listing features, and is much, much easier to use than the previous version. This program is designed to help experienced sellers who list multiple items each day save valuable time. For example, someone listing 50 or more items a day can save hours using Mister Lister. The upgraded version of Mister Lister provides three exciting new features:

(1) An easy to use software application, the Mister Lister Composer, which makes creating and sending collections of many items easy to do.
(2) Support for new listing features like 10 day auctions, Gallery, Gift icons, Shipping and Payment terms.
(3) A more user-friendly design for the online pages, where you can preview, edit and start your auctions.

Already have your own software? No worries! The new Mister Lister still supports third party software. However, to take full advantage of the new version, it will be necessary to update your files. Please go to the Welcome to Mister Lister page to find out more about this new and improved eBay feature: https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/services/buyandsell/mr.html

If you have any questions or comments about Mister Lister program, please email misterlister@ebay.com

POLICY UPDATES --> Credit requesting Policy and the Non-Paying Bidder Policy Revisions
I. Credit Request Policy
Now that the Holiday season is winding down, we just wanted to remind you that if you are unable to complete the transaction, for any reason, with the winning bidder, any credit requested MUST be submitted via the online credit request form credit within 60 days of the end of auctions.

II. Non-Paying Bidder Policy Revision Update
We received great ideas and feedback about the proposed changes via a community discussion and numerous emails. We subsequently incorporated some of these ideas into the NPB policy changes. We want to give you an update on the revisions to the NPB Policy.

Why is eBay revising the NPB Policy?
We're pleased that the NPB Policy, formerly known as the Deadbeat Bidder Policy, has helped lead to an increased percentage of successfully completed transactions and allowed sellers to request final value fee credits online. However, the NPB Policy also had some unintended effects on our community, some of which include:

* Misunderstandings - A simple misunderstanding led to the difficulty between the buyer and seller.
* Premature Credit Requests
* Inefficiencies in credit process and NPB appeals.

What is the revised NPB Policy?
The proposed revised Non-Paying Bidder Policy is as follows:
(1) Initial Contact Period.
Seller must wait at least 7 calendar days after the auction closes before beginning the final value fee credit process. We recommend that users contact each other within three business days after the auction closes.

(2) File a Non-Paying Bidder Alert.
Once seven days have elapsed since the auction closes, the seller must file an NPB Alert within 45 days after the end of the auction to be eligible for credit.

(3) NPB Alert email from eBay.
After the seller files an NPB Alert, eBay will send an email to both parties, advising the high bidder that you have notified eBay that the high bidder is a potential non-paying bidder, encouraging the high bidder to complete the transaction. We believe that this new email will: (a) increase the number of successfully completed transactions, (b) reduce the number of erroneous suspensions, by notifying the bidder earlier in the process of the seller's complaint,
and (c) help bidders understand the responsibility that goes along with bidding on eBay and the consequences of being a non-paying bidder.

(4) Workout Period.
After the NPB Alert is filed, the seller and high bidder should work with each other for at least 10 calendar days to resolve the issue.

(5) Submit Final Value Fee Credit Request.
If both parties are unable to resolve their issues during the workout period, the seller may file for a final value fee credit using the online form. eBay will send an email to the bidder informing them that they received an NPB warning and how to appeal it. The Final Value Fee Credit Request Form must be filed after the 10 day workout period has elapsed, and within 60 days after the end of auction.

(6) Dutch Auctions.
If your auction was a Dutch auction, you may file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert against as many bidders as you deem necessary, but you are entitled to file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert Form only "once" for each such auction. Thus, please wait until you know the status of all winning bidders before you file a Non-Paying Bidder Alert Form.

Suspension- One seller may no longer automatically suspend one bidder by filing three or more final value fee credit requests for auctions involving that bidder. However, the bidder may be manually suspended after a review of that bidder's file.

TECHNOLOGY ENHANCEMENTS --> New Search Enhancements
You will be happy to hear that we redesigned our Search capabilities to help make finding your items easier. We expect these new versions to become available on the site in the next few weeks. In the meantime, we wanted to give you an opportunity to preview the new search capabilities. You can access these new pages by going to the links below:

New Advanced Search Page: https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/search/items/search_tab.html
New Search Results Pages: https://pages.ebay.com/tr/en-us/community/news/newsearchresultspages.html

Rest assured that when we switch to the new search engine, all existing search options would continue to be available. If you have any comments on these new pages, write to us at newebay@ebay.com with the words "New Search Pages" in the subject field.

PROMOTIONAL EFFORTS AND PARTNERSHIPS --> E-Stamp Helps Make Shipping Online Easier
For a limited time, E-Stamp is offering its electronic vault for FREE to eBay users (normally costs $49.99).

The E-Stamp Internet Postage service is a USPS-approved service that lets you buy and print postage right from your PC. Simply buy USPS postage from E-Stamp and use it as you need it. Most mail carriers may even pick up your packages (reasonable sized) and letters right from your home. You can use E-Stamp to ship your packages via First Class, Priority, Express Mail, and Parcel Post. E-Stamp also works with leading address book and word processing applications (like MS Outlook and MS Word) and an integrated scale, among other things.

For more information or to take advantage of this limited special offer from E-Stamp, simply go to:

Have a safe and Happy New Year!