Issue 19: 03/28/2001

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This Issue's Features

Help Us Help You! -- Survey on PowerSeller Program Improvement

Thanks for your responses and willingness to serve in focus groups. We conducted 3 focus groups over the past month, analyzed the results, and developed the following survey on PowerSeller program enhancements. Please complete the survey - the results will be used to develop priorities for PowerSeller program enhancements. Thanks for your help.


eBay PowerSeller Seminar - Learn More About Seller's Assistant!

Do you know that you can schedule your listings using Seller's Assistant? Do you know that you can relist and leave feedback in bulk using Seller's Assistant?

One of the things we have had requests for is more education. We are happy to announce that we will begin offering PowerSeller Seminars in April on topics designed to help you improve your selling. April's topic will be "Using Seller's Assistant." The seminar will be about 60 minutes long and will be held on April 17 at 10 am PST. It will include the basics of Seller's Assistant and the benefits for sellers of using it.

In order to attend this seminar it will be necessary for you to register. To register, please do the following:

    - Go to the eBay University Seminar Page.
    - Click on the "View Scheduled Events" link.
    - Click on the seminar titled "Using Seller's Assistant"
    - Click on the time of the seminar

If you are unable to attend but would like to see the event on a recorded basis, it will be available at the same URL as a recorded event after the 17th.

Please note that the live web seminar can hold only up to 300 attendee per event. So make sure you mark your calendar and get ready for the event - first come first serve!


UPS Service Center

As any real estate agent will tell you, location is everything! That's why we've created a UPS Service Center that you can access directly from the eBay site through Seller Services, My eBay, or the eBay Shipping Overview page.

At the UPS Service Center you can:
    · Open a UPS account
    · Access UPS Internet Shipping
    · Compare, price and select UPS shipping services
    · Track UPS shipments
    - Print a shipping label
    · Find a location accepting UPS packages

Your customers can access UPS services and information, too. Send them to the UPS Service Center to compare costs and delivery commitments, select the UPS shipping service that best meets their needs and track purchases.

UPS is economical and offers more guaranteed, time-definite shipping options than anyone else, whether your customers want their purchases today, tomorrow by 8 a.m., or three days from now. And, UPS serves more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Whether your customer is located in Iowa or Indonesia, UPS can help you deliver. Even if you're new to international shipping, UPS is not. We have the experience to help you navigate your way through the global marketplace.

Once a purchase has been made, and you've begun the shipping process, buyers and sellers can track the status of the delivery using UPS Tracking. Packages are scanned and may be tracked by the buyer or the seller every step of the way. Taking this extra step for your customer can create buyer loyalty and build stronger relationships (which could mean better ratings for you).

In addition, packages are automatically protected against loss or damage for an amount up to $100 without any additional charges. These services can lessen the anxiety of purchasing online by providing a higher level of service for both buyers and sellers. UPS offers tremendous value to you and your customers through the UPS Service Center.

Visit the UPS Service Center today to begin using the many UPS services offered to eBay users. If you're interested in learning even more about UPS, just visit or call 1-800-PICK-UPS.


eBay's Category Enhancements

Jewelry Category Enhancement
eBay's Jewelry category announces the addition of a "Fine Jewelry: Antique, Vintage" subcategory. Scheduled to roll out mid-March, the Antique, Vintage category will have subcategories divided by item material (eg, Gold, Silver, Platinum). In addition, the current Fine Jewelry category will be renamed "Fine Jewelry: New, Contemporary." Jewelry sellers will want to make a note to check categorization before listing March items. If you have any questions, you can email us at

Business, Office & Industrial Category Enhancement
In late January, we introduced the new Business, Office & Industrial page as a replacement for the Business Exchange Specialty Site. This change is designed to provide a more robust category structure with the intent of making it easier to list and find items relating to the Business Marketplace. Similar to other categories, search results now return more accurate item listings.

The Business, Office & Industrial category has recently moved up one level out from its previous location under Everything Else. This change allows sellers to select the appropriate category within Business, Office & Industrial when listing items. Check out the Business, Office & Industrial category page by clicking here. We hope that you find these changes as beneficial to your success as we do. We appreciate your support as this area continues to develop. Any feedback can be sent to us at

Technology Enhancements

Changes to Personal Information Request Feature

In an ongoing effort to protect your privacy and comply with global privacy regulations, eBay will be limiting the manner in which members have access to the personal contact information of other members. This will involve changing the "Contact (Personal) Information Request" feature on eBay.

Many eBay members are not aware of the open access to their personal contact information on the site. This contact information includes a member's name, city, state, and telephone number.

Previously, a member was able to request another member's contact information at any time. This has changed so that access to contact information will be limited to bidders and sellers who are involved in a transaction. Specifically, in an active listing, the seller and bidder(s) will be able to request each other's contact information. In a closed listing, the winning bidder(s) and seller will be able to request each other's contact information. As with the prior version of the feature, when contact information is requested, both the requestor and the member receive an email notification with both members' contact information included.

Please note that these changes will initially apply to the U.S. site. They will follow in upcoming months on our international sites. Due to national privacy laws, some international sites will have different requirements than the U.S. site.*

*For German and Austrian members, requests for contact (personal) information will be permitted ONLY between the seller and winning bidders in successful, closed items.

Productivity Tools
End of Auction Early Feature Enhancement

In our ongoing efforts to provide improvements in our products and services, we continuously analyze suggestions provided by our community members. We are pleased to announce another a community driven enhancement. The End My Auction Early feature is being updated to improve usability and provide more information regarding listings that are ended early.

There are many reasons a seller may wish to end a listing early. Previously, if a seller needed to end a listing early because the item was no longer available (such as loss or breakage), the seller had to manually cancel all bids, and then end the listing before another bid was placed. Further, bidders were often confused and raised questions as to why the listing was ended early.

With these new enhancements, we will streamline this process and provide more information to bidders. Sellers will be requested to select a reason when ending their listings early, which will be posted to the closed Item Listing page. We will also automatically cancel all bids for sellers if items are no longer available to sell.

To end your listing early using this enhanced feature, you may access the Navigation Bar at the top of every eBay page. Simply click on Site Map, then a link to "End my auction early" can be found under "Manage My Items for Sale"


New Pricing and Feature Changes for eBay Picture Services

Back in June of 2000 we launched eBay Picture Services (powered by iPIX) with the goal of providing our sellers with an affordable and easy-to-use photo hosting solution. We are pleased that every day, more and more members continue to use eBay Picture Services. After evaluating the use of the service to date, we will be making the following revisions to eBay Picture Services in late March:

Free pictures per listing: One (previously: two)
Cost for additional pictures: $0.15 per picture (previously: $0.50 for 4)
SuperSize: $0.75 (previously $1.00)
Slide Show: $0.75 (previously $1.00)

Get maximum listing exposure at a discounted price! Picture Pack is a new option that will allow you to (1) add up to six pictures to your listing, (2) present your pictures in SuperSize format, AND (3) include your picture in the Gallery. Picture Pack will cost $1.00 (a $1.75 value).

Why the change? We believe offering pictures at a variable price as opposed to a flat fee, reducing Slideshow and SuperSize pricing PLUS offering the new Picture Pack will make Picture Services more flexible and affordable to all sellers.

Engage your bidders by using this new feature, which displays a small picture in the top left corner of your listing. Title Bar Picture is a FREE option for any listing that uses eBay Picture Services. Click here for this attention-grabbing feature.

Mister Lister and Seller's Assistant will support the revised pricing immediately, and will support Picture Pack and Title Bar Picture within a few weeks after launch.

Have further questions? Check out our FAQ

Promotional Efforts

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Policy Updates

Bonuses, Giveaways, Raffles and Prizes

In order to clarify the policy, we have updated the "Bonuses, giveaways, raffles, and prizes" section of our Listing Policy. The new policy is as follows:

Bonuses, giveaways, raffles and prizes
Listings that promote bonus items, giveaways, or random drawings or prizes as an enticement for bidders are not permitted on eBay as these promotions are highly regulated and may be unlawful in many states. eBay itself may run such promotions on the site, and may grant authorization to its partners or third party companies to run promotions, that comply with applicable laws.

We have run a number of these types of promotions over the past year (Trip to the Olympics, Holiday Grinch Give Away) and wanted to clarify our stance about promotions done by eBay and third parties that have been authorized by eBay.

For further information on the listing policies, please go here

Remember, for your specialized PowerSeller support, please email:
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