Issue 17: January 24, 2001
This Issue's Features

List in 2 Categories--> Read About the Success of This New Feature

A couple of months ago we introduced a new feature called "List in 2 Categories". This feature enables sellers to list an item in an additional category for double the listing fee. You'll be able to merchandise your item in 2 categories, so when a buyer is browsing/searching within either of those 2 categories, your item will appear.

After reviewing all of the listings between November 1, 2000 and December 28, 2000 the results of usage of the List in 2 Categories are in. Here is what we found:

The Average Selling Price of items listed in 2 categories in:
    • November was 240 percent greater than items listed in a single category.
    • December was 230 percent greater than items listed in a single category.

The Conversion Rate of items listed in 2 categories in:
    • November shows an 18 percent increase over items listed in a single category.
    • December shows a 19 percent increase over items listed in a single category.

To find out more about how you can increase your sales with List in 2 Categories, please click here.

eBay on TV! - eBay is Finding More Buyers for PowerSeller's Items!

In case you don't have a TV, we thought we would inform you that eBay kicked off a nation wide TV campaign the week after Christmas. The ads are aired during high visibility programming, including NFL playoff games and prime-time network placements The ads are running until mid-February in 4 major cities - San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Washington, DC. The goal of the ad campaign is to bring more buyers to eBay and to remind old users of all the great things available on eBay. We hope that you will see an increase in bids on your listings as a result of our TV campaign.


eBay PowerSeller Program--> Help Us Build a Better PowerSeller Program!

We want your input. Let us know how we can make the PowerSeller program even better. There are two ways for you to provide feedback:
  1. Email suggestions to
  2. Send an email to letting us know if you would like to participate in focus groups.

We are going to collect your responses and prioritize them over the next few weeks. Thanks in advance for your help! We'll keep you posted on what we learn.


eBay U--> Attend eBay University

Ever wonder how to increase the quality of your listings or how to generate more eBay sales? Get your questions answered in person by attending eBay University. Classes are taught by experienced sellers and are designed to help you increase your knowledge on a wide variety of topics, including photo hosting, basic HTML, AuctionAssistant Pro, and learn how to improve your listings and grow your business. The following is a list of classes that are available for sellers:

How to improve your listings with photos/HTML
Come learn the basic how-to's of photos and HTML on eBay. This class will give you the tools to make your listings look their best. You will learn HTML basics, how to add a picture to your listings, and many other helpful tips.

How to grow your Business
Go from being a casual seller to becoming a lean, mean eBay selling machine. Learn how to quickly list several items at once. Learn about eBay's sponsors and how they can help you save time and money. Get the latest information on eBay credit card services, internet postage, and free photo hosting.

Bulk Loading with Power - The Blackthorne Way
Blackthorne's AuctionAssistant products are the premiere automation and business tools available for managing your eBay auction activity. AuctionAssistant Pro is the follow on version of their flagship product AuctionAssistant. AuctionAssistant was primarily designed to help automate the eBay auction process for the casual to serious user. AuctionAssistant Pro extends this capability to include functions designed for professional users who list on eBay as part of their full-time business. It now includes some high-powered features to automate business processes including reporting, label printing, support for multiple users, support for consignment tracking, batch feedbacks, batch listings (both with and without the use of Mister Lister), timeline features, Dutch auctions, Honesty counters (including the hidden counter), and will soon include Picture Services. If you are looking for a tool to manage your high-volume auction business, then AuctionAssistant Pro is perfect for you.

For eBay University dates and details, please click here.

Register for classes now! Space is limited!


Hobbies--> New Home for Hobbies at eBay!

Beginning this month, sellers will have a new way to reach avid buyers of hobby and craft supplies and kits. We are expanding the general Toys category to include Hobbies and Crafts. It's part of a plan to create a virtual "Hobby Shop" for all different kinds of interests, and to make it easier for buyers to find all the items they are seeking.

As a result of this change, the current category Toys, Bean Bag Plush will be renamed to Toys & Hobbies. The Toys & Bean Bag Plush page will continue to look much as it does now and people will still be able to click on it directly from the eBay home page. Hobbies and Crafts topics will become sub-categories under the renamed Toys & Hobbies category, and will appear on their own new page which will be easily accessible from the eBay home page. Categories featured on this new Hobbies & Crafts page will include Model Railroads and Trains, Models, Slot Cars, Arts and Crafts, Needlecraft, and More Hobbies like rocketry and remote control vehicles.

To preview this new category, please click here.

Category Details
Please note that the items currently on this page will not be relocated from Collectibles or Everything Else for one month. This will give our members time to familiarize themselves with the new structure. Also note that we are changing the names of several categories so that all will appear together as alphabetical subcategories under the Toys and Hobbies category once they are moved. For example, Slot Cars will be renamed Hobbies: Slot Cars and RR Models, Trains will be renamed Hobbies: Model RR, Trains.

As always, we welcome any comments and/or suggestions you might have. Please share them with us at

The new categories will provide a more complete and vibrant trading place - not only for goods, equipment, and supplies - but for ideas, passions and shared interests. Take advantage of this newly expanded marketplace and utilize the opportunities to grow your business in popular hobbies like model railroading and model making, as well as to tap into rapidly growing hobbies such as remote control and scrapbooking.

Technology Enhancements

Buy It Now is Permanent

We are excited to announce that Buy It Now will become a permanent feature on eBay!

We are very pleased with the performance of Buy It Now since its launch on November 17. Use of Buy It Now has continued to grow steadily, and reaction to the feature has been overwhelmingly positive from both buyers and sellers. Buyers love the convenience of an immediate transaction, particularly when shopping for gifts. Sellers have benefited from faster auctions and the option to offer another way to buy.

Responding to sellers' requests, we introduced Buy It Now for Mister Lister on 12/29. We will make further enhancements by enabling Buy It Now for Dutch auctions and offering a Buy It Now search tool.

We will continue to monitor and share the performance of Buy It Now as a free feature through the first quarter of this year, after which we will evaluate pricing against the cost of enhancements and maintaining the feature. Please share your feedback with us so that we can continue to improve the feature for both buyers and sellers.

Productivity Tools
eBay Picture Services Coming Soon to AuctionAssistant and Mister Lister!

Including a photo in your listing is about to get a whole lot easier! eBay's Picture Services will soon be added to Mister Lister and AuctionAssistant Pro and Classic. Eliminate the labor-intensive process of logging in to your photo hosting service provider, uploading the photo and then hoping you have entered the correct URL in the eBay Sell Your Item form. With Picture Services, you can put the worries of limited disc or storage space behind you, add up to six photos directly into the eBay Sell Your Item form, PLUS enlarge your photos and create interactive photo slideshows.

If you have not yet tried Picture Services, give it a try! The first time you select Picture Services, you will be prompted to download our picture program. This is a one-step, one-minute, one-time-only download. Once completed, you will be taken to the Photo Hosting Preference page where you'll be asked to choose the version that fits your needs (your choices will depend on your browser). For optimal functionality, we suggest using the fully enabled (enhanced) version.

Put Picture Services to work the next time you list and save precious time in your listing process.

To learn more about eBay Picture Services and how it can make your listings stand out from the rest, please click here.

Can't access the Add Photos page during selling? You may need to reset your Photo Hosting Preferences. Make sure you select eBay's Picture Services as your photo hosting preference by clicking here.

You can also change your preferences by clicking on the "Choose your photo hosting preferences" link at the top of the category selection page.

Promotional Efforts

Another Great Opportunity To Be On The History Channel!

PowerSellers! Because of you, we were able to locate three unique items for the History Channel's Lost and Found auctions. These items included Frank Sinatra's cashmere slippers, a Kamikaze Suicide Boat pilot's steel helmet and goggles, and the Fort Henry American flag swatch. Now we are looking for more! The next filming starts the third week of February 2001, so please let us know what items you have to offer for this high-profile auction.

If you have something of interest for the Butterfields team to review, please contact Rachael Broth at and submit your item with an image and description by no later than February 1, 2001. Items chosen will be seen by over 30 million viewers per night and broadcast 30 times per week. You will also be noted on the History Channel Gallery page on the eBay site. Happy Hunting!

Policy Updates

Prohibited, Questionable & Infringing Items

We receive many questions about whether an item is prohibited, questionable or infringing. As an eBay seller, you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your item is legal. To clarify, we have created pages on eBay that should help to answer your questions. Please take the time to click here and find out if your items are allowed on eBay. If you are still unsure about your item, please contact us at


eBay Online Payments by Billpoint - Accept payments instantly from anyone with a credit card or checking account!

eBay Premier
Check Out eBay Premier, The Art World's Online Marketplace

Picture Services
The fast, easy and FREE way to sell using pictures - Picture Services!


As always, contact us at for a superior level of PowerSeller support.


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