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ISSUE 15 November 10, 2000

This Issue's Features

PowerSeller Logo--> Error in Recent PowerSeller Special Announcement

On October 25, 2000 we sent out a special announcement to all PowerSellers announcing the availability of two new PowerSeller Logos. Unfortunately, the wrong linking URL was placed in the medium and large sized instructions for using the Logo. If you use one of the PowerSeller Logos, please have it link to the following URL:

Please review the Policy Updates section of this Newsletter for the correct information. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

eBay Online Payments by Billpoint--> Exciting Savings!

Sign up with Billpoint today and enjoy an autumn of savings! In just a few minutes, you can accept credit cards or electronic checks from the only payment service integrated into eBay!

Listed here are a few highlights to Billpoint's new and improved features:

* FREE Visa and FREE electronic check processing
* $1 OFF! all Visa purchases for your buyers
* Accept Billpoint on and outside of eBay
* Accept international payments from 37 countries
* Everyday low fees that are competitive with any in the industry!

SquareTrade--> Helping PowerSellers Build Trust Online

eBay recently selected SquareTrade as our preferred provider of online dispute resolution services for eBay users. Since February, many eBay users have accessed this easy-to-use service to help work through sticky issues or differences of opinion quickly and effectively.

Square Trade offers two services that we believe can help buyers and sellers come to an agreement quickly and fairly should a dispute arise:

1. A free web-based forum that allows users to attempt to resolve differences on their own. To use this service, either the buyer or seller may file a complaint with SquareTrade. SquareTrade will then email the other party, and encourage that party to respond through the web-based system to work out the dispute.

2. The ability to request assistance of a professional mediator if necessary. We believe this service helps make eBay a better place to trade, and as a result, in order to make this as affordable as possible, eBay is subsidizing the cost to use a mediator. If both parties agree to use a mediator, there will be a $15 fee, which may be paid by either party or split between the parties.

In addition to helping the entire eBay community resolve issues, SquareTrade gives eBay PowerSellers like you a way to maintain your hard-earned online reputations. Nearly every transaction on eBay goes smoothly, with both parties completely satisfied. However, occasionally even experienced sellers can encounter a difficult transaction. For example, an important issue that SquareTrade's service addresses is feedback, a particular area of interest to you as a PowerSeller. Online dispute resolution can help to diffuse the emotions that often lead to premature negative feedback - for any party involved in a transaction. Should you find yourself in such a situation , we encourage you to turn to SquareTrade's efficient, neutral Online Dispute Resolution Service. Filing a case is easy: find out how by clicking here.

Gift Icon--> Draw attention to your listing this holiday season!

Gift Icons are coming back for the Holidays! Gift icons highlight items that make especially good gifts. If you select the gift icon feature at the time of listing, a gift icon will appear next to your title on category listings pages and search results pages. Your item will also be displayed in our special gift section. To learn more about Gift Icons, please visit the following page:

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Technology Enhancements

Buy It Now!

Buy It Now is an exciting optional enhancement to your listings and will be offered free during the holiday promotion. If you choose to use the Buy It Now feature at the time of listing, you can name a price at which you'd be willing to immediately sell your item to a buyer. Your listing will be run as a normal auction, but will also feature a Buy It Now price. Buyers will have the option to buy your item instantly without waiting for the listing to end, or can bid on your item as usual. Buy It Now will only be available before the first bid is placed on the item. As soon as a bid is placed, the Buy It Now price will no longer be available and the item will sell through the normal process.

Buy It Now will only be available on single item listings on eBay Core during the holiday trial. During this time, eBay will carefully monitor the success of the feature. Should Buy It Now prove beneficial to eBay buyers and sellers, we will offer Buy It Now across eBay's specialty sites and for multiple item (Dutch) listings during full roll out. Based on the results of the holiday trial and the community's feedback, we may modify or improve the feature for a full roll out early next year.

For more information on Buy It Now, please click here.

To see a step by step tutorial of Buy It Now, please visit this page.

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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships Focuses on Small Businesses

Where do you get answers to all of your small business questions? You probably rely on several sources and that takes time, which means it costs you money. Now you can get answers to all of your small business questions (e.g. tax advice, legal help, home office tips, etc.) live over the phone on Join now and we'll start you off with $20 FREE in your account.

To join, here's what you have to do:

1. Create your own unique member name
2. Provide us with your email address (it doesn't have to be the same as your eBay account)
3. Create your password

Find out just how easy it is to find someone who can answer your business questions right now over the phone. Here's how:

- Join for free and we'll add $20 to your account just for registering
- Find a person who can answer your questions
- Click on the Call Now icon next to their name
- Your phone rings and you instantly start getting answers to all of your questions makes the call, so your personal information and phone number are never revealed.

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Listing in 2 Catergories is Here!

At last, it's here, Listing in 2 categories! You don't need to be confused whether your silk shirt should go into the Clothing Petite Size category, or in the Evening wear category. Or, should your grandmother's necklace go into Antiques or Jewelry?

As a seller, when you list an item for sale, you will have an option to list your item in an additional category for double the listing fee. You'll be able to merchandise your item in 2 categories, so when a buyer is browsing/searching within either of those 2 categories, they'll see your item.

This feature is available in all U.S. categories, with the following exceptions:

- Dutch listings are not eligible for this feature.
- eBay Motors is not eligible for this feature.
- List in 2 Categories is available within the Real Estate category but not outside the Real Estate category, for instance, one cannot list in Real Estate and another non-Real Estate category.
- List in 2 Categories is available within the Adult categories but not outside the Adult categories. For instance, one cannot list in Adult and another non-Adult category.

Please click hereto learn more.

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Policy Updates

New Powerseller Logos are Here!

In case you missed it, last month we sent out an email to all PowerSellers announcing the availability of two new PowerSeller Logos for your online use. Please read the "new" PowerSeller User Agreement and Terms and Conditions, which are automatically effective November 20, 2000.

The PowerSeller Logos are available as an option to all registered PowerSellers and can be found at one of the following URLs:

Small Logo (new) -

Medium Logo (new) -

Large Logo

The PowerSeller Logo License is in Section 2 of the PowerSeller User Agreement. The PowerSeller Logo can be used in connection with your eBay PowerSeller account in the following locations:

- eBay About Me page
- Item listing description
- PowerSeller primary web site
- Real-world tradeshows, provided the Logo is on materials you received from eBay

Please review Section 3 of the PowerSeller User Agreement regarding "Restrictions" of using the eBay PowerSeller Logo.

If you wish to be removed from the PowerSeller Program because you do not agree with the new User Agreement and Terms and Conditions, please contact us at:

Over time we have received many questions about using the PowerSeller Logo. In addition to reading the new User Agreement and Terms and Conditions, please read the following Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where can I use the PowerSeller Logo in my auction listing? Can I use it in item location as well?
A. The PowerSeller Logo may only be used in the item description of your listings.

Q. Who can use the PowerSeller Logo?
A. The PowerSeller Logo can only be used by registered eBay PowerSellers. The Logo may not be used by additional accounts that do not qualify as an eBay PowerSeller account.

Q. How do I add the PowerSeller Logo in my item description and About Me page?
A. You can simply copy and paste one of the HTML tags below in your item description and/or About Me page:

For the small Logo:

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC=></A>

For the medium Logo:

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC=></A>

For the large Logo:

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC=></A>

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Technology Enhancements
Buy It Now!
Buy It Now is an exciting optional enhancement to your listings and will be offered free during the holiday promotion.
Promotional Efforts and Partnerships Focuses on Small Businesses
Get answers to your small business questions. Click here for more information

Productivity Tools
Listing in 2 Categories is Here!
No need to pick between Clothing Petite Size or Evening wear categories. Choose both.

Policy Updates
New PowerSeller Logos are Here!
In case you missed it, last month we sent out two new PowerSellers logos.
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