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ISSUE 14, October 11, 2000

This Issue's Features

eBay Affiliates Program--> Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money!!!

The eBay Affiliates Program is a simple way for PowerSellers to work with eBay to drive more buyers and bidders from your site to eBay.

As an eBay PowerSeller, we have decided to offer you a special bounty rate of five dollars ($5.00) per new confirmed user you send to eBay. All you need to do is click here.

Sign up, select an eBay button or banner, and put it on your site as a link to eBay. Every time one of your site's visitors clicks on that eBay link and registers at eBay, you get $5.00! In addition you'll be able to choose from banners and buttons that are relevant to your expertise or category. Your eBay button or banner will link to the appropriate eBay category. Also, you'll get access to online tracking and automated monthly checks delivered right to your door.

To get this special limited offer, please join the program and then email us at with your Affiliate account number and site name from LinkExchange in the subject line, so we can increase your payment rate. To get locked in at this special rate, sign up by October 31st. This is a special offer that we are only making available to reward our valued and existing relationships.

So come join forces with eBay in a powerful advertising partnership: become an eBay Affiliate today!> Free Counters for Sellers coming in early October

Have you ever wondered how many times your item has been viewed? Have you ever wondered how this information can help pinpoint the best time and place to list your item? Wonder no more.

eBay has teamed up with to provide free counters for sellers. From the Sell Your Item form you will be able to include counters in your listings with just a click of the mouse! And better yet - they're free!

Click here for a sneak peek of our upcoming Counters for Sellers feature.> An Event That PowerSellers May Want to Check Out

In the August 16 edition of this newsletter, we introduced you to TradeOut ( TradeOut gives you the opportunity to buy manufacturers' excess inventory in bulk quantities, at prices far below wholesale.

TradeOut has just announced that it is having a special sale event in October - their fall Bargain Merchandise Blowout From October 20 through November 6 only, numerous sellers on TradeOut will be offering their products at a very deep discount. You'll find great deals on the types of merchandise you typically sell: Computers, Electronics, Apparel, Household Items, Hardware, Toys and more. This is a bulk buying opportunity you won't want to miss. The TradeOut Bargain Merchandise Blowout happens just in time for you to make some last-minute purchases to sell to your customers before the Holidays! Whether you want to find 200 laptops or 300 leather jackets to resell on eBay, there's a great chance you'll find it on TradeOut. Check out the preview of the event.

Remember, TradeOut's Bargain Merchandise Blowout is for a limited time only: October 20 through November 6. Mark you calendar and be sure to visit TradeOut during this special event.


Do you want TradeOut's 75-person field sales force to go to Corporate America and get the product you want to sell? Tell TradeOut what you want to buy.> Register and Save!

From now through November 11, 2000, eBay members can register or transfer an unlimited number of domain names to for $15 per domain per year. With their simple registration process, you can select or transfer your own domain name in minutes; and its all done online!

For details regarding this great offer, please go here.

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Technology Enhancements

New Sell Your Item Form Offers Great New Features

Using eBay just got faster and easier! We recently rolled out our improved Sell Your Item form to shave valuable seconds off the time it takes you to list an item. The fields that are unique to your listings have been grouped together and moved to the top of the page, and the non-unique fields have been moved right below. This change is designed to allow you to input up-front the required fields specific to each of your auction listings, and, if desired, to bypass the non-unique fields by scrolling down and immediately clicking on the "continue" button.

We've also added new seller features to help your items POP! These changes were pre-announced last month and include the introduction of a new Highlight feature at $5.00 and Featured Plus at $19.95. When you select the "Highlight" option, an eye-catching yellow colored block will highlight your item wherever it appears on our site. The new Featured Plus features your item in both category listings and NOW search results, thereby increasing the visibility of your item! With Highlight and Featured Plus, you can be sure that your item will be well showcased to help your bidders find your items even easier!

If you are not aware of our new features, please check the preview these new seller features.

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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships

eBay on eBay promotion is a success!

Most eBay users are aware of the vast number of collectibles available on the site. But how many of your potential customers are not aware of the variety of other items you have for sale? Because your success is our success, we've launched the "eBay on eBay" promotion, a campaign to spread the word that eBay is the best place to find everything from Halloween costumes to home theatre equipment. We want users to know:

  • Just about anything they're looking for is available among our 4,000+ categories.

  • We're the largest online retailer in a number of practical categories including computers, electronics, toys, musical instruments, sporting goods, and much more.

Every two weeks during the campaign, we are heavily promoting two specific categories throughout the site, and rotating the featured categories. We are highlighting these promotions in two major ways.

First, we are dedicating 20 million page views per day to promoting specific categories. This means featured items will receive one quarter billion page views during each promotion on eBay-the fourth most visited site on the Internet. This also means that space that could have been used to run third-party advertisements will be used to promote your products during the busy pre-holiday season.

Second, we are sending out millions of emails (we have one of the largest customer bases on the Internet) reinforcing these promotions.

Our first promotion alone-computers/musical instruments (8/21-9/4)-resulted in an increase of over 1/4 million page views in these categories!

We are working diligently to make this promotion a huge success. Partner with us, mark your calendar, and get ready to list these items for maximum selling success during each two-week promotional period:

  • 10/16-10/30 Science Fiction and Halloween
  • 10/30-11/13 Entertainment and Home Theatre/Electronics
  • 11/13-11/27 Holiday Decorating and Holiday Collectibles
  • 11/27-12/11 Photo/Electronics and Computers
  • 12/11-12/25 Toys-Games/Gameboys and Jewelry
  • 12/25-1/8 Sports and Exercise Equipment

We will update you if we make any changes to the calendar. Happy selling!

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Photo Hosting Beta Test Expanded to All Categories

For the past few months we have offered Picture Services in two categories, Antiques & Art and Pottery & Glass. We would like to thank sellers in these categories who have participated in this Beta. We appreciate your enthusiasm and are proud to announce the Beta is now available in all categories! (please note Picture Services is currently not available in eBay Autos or Great Collections)

If you have not yet tried Picture Services, you should! When you choose a category in which to list your item, you will see a test or "Beta" link under each category. If you select Picture Services, you will then be prompted to download our picture program. This is a one-step; one-minute, one-time only download. Once completed you will be taken to the Photo Hosting Preference page where you'll be asked to choose the functionality you'd like to enjoy (it will depend on your browser). You will then be able to simply select the images you wish to include in your listing right from the Sell Your Item form! For more information about our rollout plan, please go here.

Picture Services is integrated, fast, and easy -- your picture will be automatically placed in your listing! Depending on your browser, the file size of your picture may also be compressed and optimized for more efficient loading. Just remember to save your picture on your hard drive prior to going through the Sell Your Item form.

So how much does it cost? You are able to include up to 2 pictures per listing for FREE! You also have the option of adding up to 4 more pictures for 50 cents and enhancing your listing by displaying your pictures in a slide show format for $1.00. Again, additional pictures and the slide show are optional features.

At this time, Picture Services is not available for Mister Lister. Picture Services should be available for Mister Lister later this Fall.

Would you like a sneak peek? Have further questions? Please go here.

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Policy Updates

How do I...?

Following our Trust and Safety policies is a necessity for making eBay the best place to trade on earth. In the past, many of you have contacted us with questions about items you would like to sell. We have taken many of these questions and answers and displayed them on our Listing Policies page for your easy access.

If you are wondering if you're listing an item properly or have items that might be questionable, please refer to our listing policies page.

You can also access this page by clicking on "Help" at the top of any eBay page. When the Help page opens, click on "Rules & Safety" at the top of the page, then click on "Listings Policies" located under the Policies heading on the left side of the page.

If you still have questions, please write to us at As always, we are more than happy to help.

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Technology Enhancements
New Sell Your Item Form Offers Great New Features
Using eBay just got faster and easier!
Promotional Efforts and Partnerships
eBay on eBay promotion is a success!
Most eBay users are aware of the vast number of collectibles...
Productivity Tools
Photo Hosting Beta Test Expanded to All Categories
If you have not yet tried Picture Services, you should
Policy Updates
How do I...?
Following our Trust and Safety policies is a necessity for making eBay the best place to trade on earth ...
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