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ISSUE 13, September 13, 2000

This Issue's Features> Simple and Easy New Way to Expand Your Online Business

As an eBay PowerSeller, are you looking for a simple and easy new way to expand your online business? Try the convenience of selling on, eBay's simple, new way to buy and sell your Books, CDs, DVDs, Movies, and Games at fixed prices. While eBay can be great for your collectible, rare, or autographed media products, it's not always the best solution to move your inventory of mass-market items as fast as you'd like, or at the prices you want. That's where comes in. has structured its business around helping you sell your mass-market entertainment merchandise quickly and easily. Listing your items on is always free, and your items will remain listed until they sell. Plus, as the world's largest, fixed-price, person-to-person marketplace, there's no shortage of buyers waiting to snatch up the items you list.

At, it's all about increasing the velocity of your sales. The instant buying experience ensures that buyers can purchase your items without having to wait. Plus, your items are not promoted to just the shoppers on our site. By listing with, you'll also have the power of many of the Internet's leading price comparison agents behind you, at no additional cost - including My Simon, Deal Time, Best Book Buys, Movie Price Guide and many more. This increases your selling velocity by getting your items in front of more buyers and helping you sell even faster!

At the selling opportunities are constantly growing. From individuals to high volume retailers and wholesalers, we have solutions for every type of PowerSeller. And with quick and easy listing, you are just a few short steps away from selling your Books, CDs, DVDs, Movies and Games in a whole new way.

Check out and start growing your business today> Buying and Selling Products in Bulk

If you are looking to buy or sell goods in BULK, TradeOut has the answer for you.

TradeOut is a global Internet marketplace for business surplus and off-lease assets. With over 1,000 product categories, you can find everything from apparel and household products to machine tools and commercial trucks. You can purchase goods in BULK on TradeOut and then sell them in smaller quantities on eBay.

TradeOut has formed strategic alliances with some of the world's largest companies which sell their goods through the TradeOut site. For example, TradeOut recently signed a strategic alliance with Sara Lee Corporation, the global banded consumer packaged goods company, which features brands such as Hanes, Playtex and Bali. TradeOut also sells GE Capital's assets, including machine tools, shipping containers from its Genstar division and trucks from its Penske division.

In addition, TradeOut has a sales team of experts in its featured marketplaces and a customer service group to answer your email inquiries and phone calls (888-525-TRADE). If you need assistance with selling or buying excess inventory or off-lease assets, TradeOut's team is ready to help you.

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Technology Enhancements

Try out our new search-by-example technology!

eBay is exploring the possibility of introducing new search-by-example technology that we are calling the "Related Item Finder" that will help buyers find items of interest. We believe this helps you, our valued sellers, by directing potential buyers to your items. The Related Item Finder helps buyers find your items by reviewing a buyer's bidding activity, and using related concepts, recommends other items that are similar or related to items in which a buyer has already expressed interest.

We are exploring various ways to introduce the Related Item Finder to help buyers find your items, including:

  1. Suggestions within MyeBay
  2. Links on ended auction items - "Bidding is closed for this item. Show me more items like this!"
  3. Unsuccessful auction emails - "Unfortunately, you did not win this item. However, we have found the following current auctions for you that are similar to this item"

We'd like to invite you to become a beta test member and try out the technology yourself! All that's required is for you to go here.

From the page, type in a series of current auction item numbers. Within 24 hours of receipt of your request, you will be sent an email from Dynaptics (the company we are working with to develop the search-by-example technology) containing a list of items similar or related to the items you inputted.

After you try out the test, don't forget to share with us your thoughts. To do so, follow the link to the on-line survey found in the e-mail that Dynaptics will be sending you. Your feedback will help us shape the look and feel of search-by-example initiatives before we roll-out to the larger eBay community.

If you're ready to try out the beta test now, please click here.

Happy testing!

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Promotional Efforts and Partnerships

Upcoming and Ongoing Promotions on eBay

eBay and UltimateBid, with companies like IMG, the world leader in sports and entertainment marketing and management, have come together to create the new online marketplace for tickets and experiences. We have created this destination with you in mind! It is a place where everyone can buy and sell tickets and experiences.

All ticket postings on eBay will now be placed together here, providing buyers with new ways to look for tickets and experiences, and sellers with new features to enhance their ticket sales. Additionally, agreements with many of the leading sports teams and biggest concert venues in the world give UltimateBid the privilege of marketing to and driving millions of other sports and entertainment enthusiasts to this site to buy and sell tickets!

As PowerSellers you can make the most of this eBay and UltimateBid partnership. For instance, if you have two extra tickets for tomorrow's big game that you are looking to unload or you can't seem to get your hands on great seats for the concert next week, this is YOUR place to buy and sell all kinds of tickets. THE place where EVERYONE is going to come to find concerts, sporting events, movies, theater and much more...

UltimateBid and eBay are also implementing an exciting, brand new aspect of Tickets called "Experiences." UltimateBid unlocks the door and gives you access to thousands of the world's top athletes, celebrities and events. Have you ever dreamed of meeting your hero? Do you want to go behind the scenes with your favorite bands or sports teams? Experiences have it all.

Tickets and experiences await... Get in the action today!

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An Update on I-Pix Picture Services

Back in June we announced the launch of our Picture Services pilot. For the past two months we have offered Picture Services in two categories, Antiques & Art and Pottery & Glass. We would like to thank sellers in these categories that have participated in this pilot. We appreciate your enthusiasm for this new service and plan to expand phase II of the pilot into other categories soon.

If you have not yet tried the photo-hosting beta, you should! Adding pictures to your item is fast, easy, and fun! When you choose a category to list your item in, you will see a test or "Beta" link for the Picture Services in the Antiques & Art and Pottery & Glass categories. If you select the Beta, you will then be prompted to download our picture program. This is a one-step; one-minute, one-time only download. Once completed you will be taken to the Add Photos page where you simply select the images you wish to include in your listing.

It's integrated, fast, and easy -- your picture will be automatically placed in your listing! Depending on your browser, the file size of your picture may also be compressed and optimized for more efficient loading. Just remember to save your picture on your hard drive prior to going through the Sell Your Item form.

So how much will it cost? You will be able to include up to 2 pictures per listing for FREE! You will also have the option of adding up to 4 more pictures for 50 cents and enhancing your listing by displaying your pictures in a slide show format for $1.00. Again, additional pictures and the slide show are optional features.

At this time, Picture Services is not yet available in Mr. Lister. Picture Services will be made available to Mr. Lister later this Fall.

Picture Services will be made available to Mr. Lister later this Fall.

Would you like a sneak peek? Have further questions? Go here.

For more further updates, please continue to check the Announcement Board.

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Policy Updates

Are You Keyword Spamming?

We have received many questions regarding the Keyword spamming policy. Keyword spamming is an excessive use of key words, including (but not limited to) brand names, which are referenced for the purpose of attracting or diverting bidders to a listing. This practice is not permitted on eBay.

Key word spamming is unfair to members who may be searching for a specific item and receive search engine results of listings that are not selling the item. It is considered as a manipulation of our search engine. Buyers often are confused and frustrated by such tactics. Certain uses of brand names may also constitute trademark infringement and could expose sellers to legal liability.

To read further about the keyword spamming and the example cases, please go here.

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Technology Enhancements
Try out our new search-by-example technology!
Using eBay is getting faster and easier! improving...
Promotional Efforts and Partnerships
Upcoming and Ongoing Promotions on eBay
Did you know that your items are now getting extra merchandising...
Productivity Tools
An Update on I-Pix Picture Services
Back in June we announced the launch of our Picture Services pilot
Policy Updates
Are You Keyword Spamming?
Keyword spamming is an excessive use of key words...
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